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Twitter Lemons

Bringing you the saltiest social media - this week, #bcafc

Bradford City v Northampton Town - Sky Bet League One Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images

This is the first of a semi-regular feature here at Lion of Vienna. We're going to trawl through the worst of Twitter and other platforms, and bring to you the very saltiest collection of characters and hashtags the footballing world has to offer. This week's Twitter Lemons come from the most bitter fans in League One, possibly the football league. Ladies and gents, Bradford City.


"Hoofing hell what a disgusting brand of football #bcafc"

Points awarded for the pun but little for invention and flair, I'm afraid. To be fair, the account in question has had the good grace to avoid the #bwfc hashtag, but he's not got away from us this time.

Nothing we haven't heard before, lacking invention. 4/10.


"Smug under-achievers who needed a #bcafc castoff to make 2nd in League One. Club's a financial mess. Play boring football. All a bit sad"

This is more like it! Obviously, the temptation to apply the Bradford arrogance to the game of football and how it's played has proved once more irresistible. However, this isn't why I like it. It's not the "you've got no money" bit either. Heard all that before. What I like is the "we didn't want Filipe Morais anyway and it's no achievement to be above us even though we're the best football team in the land". That's what makes his tweet so special. 7/10.


"Sweeeeet free kick!!!!! Come on Oxford get a third...#bcafc"

This week's winner is a tweet that is begging a club to score an equaliser when they're chasing your play-off spot, purely because the other team's manager used to be your manager, and he was very good, but he's not your manager anymore and you can do better anyway, and you don't care where his new team are in the league, it's nothing to do with that, he's just rubbish and so are they and you've got no idea why they're second in League One. It may seem strange at first, but welcome to the mind of a Bradford City fan. 8/10.

If there's a particular tweet, hashtag or club's support that you'd like us to focus on in our next instalment of Twitter Lemons, let us know in the comments below.