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Announcing... LOVpod-a-Mania!

Disclaimer: Yes, we're fully aware it's staged fake


We here at Lion Of Vienna have noticed that there are a noticeable group of readers/writers within our community that enjoy watching wrestling, and with Wrestlemania 33 coming up very soon we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for the LOVpod to branch out and start a new podcast series; LOVpod-a-mania!

This new podcast will feature Chris Manning (@19manning83), Dan Murphy (@Murbroski), Tom Molloy (@TOMolloy) and Tom Wilson (@cultofwilson). Expect the first episode sometime next week where we’ll be previewing everything from ‘Mania weekend including NXT: Takeover, the Hall of Fame ceremony and of course the big one - Wrestlemania.

Expect another episode following the big weekend where we’ll be recapping all the highs and lows of the weekend.

If all goes well this series will continue and we’ll do one for every PPV, we’re very excited to start this new project and we hope you enjoy listening!