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Twitter Lemons

Bringing you the saltiest social media - this week, #salop 

Oxford United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

This week's Twitter Lemons focuses on Saturday's defeated opponents, Shrewsbury Town, who for some reason use the Twitter hashtag #salop. I'll be honest, it's much easier finding bitterness in the city of Bradford, but these efforts were mildly amusing.

3) “Tyler Roberts loving playing the cart horse Bolton back line, picking holes left, right and centre...#class #Salop”

The "cart horse" back line you speak of is the tightest defence in the league. That same back four managed another clean sheet on Saturday against Tyler Roberts and Co. Roberts is an academy graduate from West Brom who has scored only 4 goals in his senior career. Poor judgement all round in this tweet. A paltry 2/10. I like the optimism, though.

2) “way we set up today was like we were playing Boltalona!”

I sense criticism of the Shrewsbury management team here. Criticism of a manager aware that the visiting side have scored 4 goals in each of their last 3 away games. Sounds like a wise fella, setting up defensively. At the end of the day, they only conceded two. Next time we're in League One, the football league will be handing out a bonus point for that sort of stuff. Plus, have you seen Filipe Morais?! Practically Messi, Henry and Ronaldinho combined. 4/10 for the mildly accurate pun, but the poor grammar hurts my eyes.

1) “for such big blokes, they go down very easily! #salop”

This is a new one as far as I know. I've heard the long ball nonsense and the bully boy tag is easily thrown our way, but diving isn't usually associated with us. Apparently we do that, too. Who knew. 5/10.

Sorry Shrewsbury, but you're just too nice for my liking. Take a look at Bradford City if you need inspiration for social media moaning. Good luck next season.