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Liam's Bolton Wanderers POTY: Filipe Morais

It's true, it's true

Oxford United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Always tricky picking this at the end of March as you can’t help but think any contributions from here on in would perhaps be more valuable than those contributed so far to Bolton Wanderers season.

However it is quite pleasing how difficult this decision is, there are four or five genuine contenders for The Lion of Vienna Suite’s Player of the Year 2017.

For me it has come down to two and I am going to quickly discuss both of them. I’ll start with a player I hope dearly we can keep next season, whether it be in this division or the one above and that is Andrew Taylor.

Taylor has been a 7/10 every week of the season and there is a lot of value in that. In my opinion, as someone on the outside looking in, he appears to me to the leader on the pitch. His consistency is standard set for those around him and the professionalism he displays is nothing but a credit unto himself. It is such as shame that he has got injured at such an important time of the season, when we need him the most.

I sincerely hope Taylor hasn’t played his last game for us, he’d be my nomination for captain next season.

My choice for The Lion of Vienna Suite’s Player of the Year 2017 has to be one man and that is Felipe Morais.

The argument against Morais is clearly that he hasn’t been here all year, not even half the season in truth but for me that counts little.

The impact that Morais and the stage in the season at which he has made it counts far more.

This time last month, before Morais found his feet, we had been winless in four, including two home draws and Fleetwood Town were pulling away from us. The free signing really kicked on and dragged us out of the slump and all of a sudden we are 6 points clear from third with just 7 games to go.

We are looking at the real possibility of even winning the league.

Big moments require big characters and the value of the contributions made carry greater value.