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It’s true... it’s damn true!

This isn't your usual dossage of Lion of Vienna Suite Podcast goodness, oh no. We thought we'd branch out.

You see, we've noticed there's a large portion of the Bolton Wanderers fanbase who actually like wrestling, and since the four people on this pod - Dan, Chris, Tom and Wilson - love it too, we thought why not take advantage of that?

So here is our first ever LOVPODAMANIA, a podcast that will hopefully pop up around PPVs. Our first ever episode will be previewing this weekend's wrestling extravaganze in Orlando, Florida, talking briefly about PROGRESS and other indies before discussing indepth the stories, builds and our excitment for every match at NXT Takeover Orlando and Wrestlemania 33.

With predictions abound and lots to talk about (17 bloody matches!) strap yourself in for the ultimate podcast thrill ride.