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Fantasy Football Update

Nice to see I'm still doing just awful

Club Atletico de Madrid v Valencia CF - La Liga
Big Tye Dillinger Fan
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Right, I'll be honest - after making a huge song and dance at the start of the season about how we (me) wouldn't forgot the fantasy league and we'd be getting frequent updates...Well lets just say I did, I'm sorry and it had nothing to do with me sucking oh so very hard at it this year. We're very much post January now and most teams are settled with obvious picks. First let's have a gander at the runners and riders.

Top 3

1 Houghton Believers - Craig Whitaker - 1556 Points

2 Men Behaving Chadli - Andy Kerks - 1513

3 Hotline Blind - Chris Kay - 1506

Bottom 3

191 Jonesy FC - Nathan Jones - 1031

192 EGH F.C. - Charlie Hart - 1008

193 FC STELLA FELLA - Scott Hardy - 981

Just The Tip

Looking at the form table, your top 4 teams are: Chelsea - (You should already have the max amount of their players in your team. If you don't, get them in). Manchester City - (Certainly not world beaters under Pep' but still so decent players to be had in there). Swansea City - (Here's where you can make a difference to your team. These players are relatively cheap after spending most of the year doing poorly. Fernando Llorente is banging them in at the moment. Get him in). Finally, Everton - (Romelu Lukaku is always a good shout on Fantasy Football but is already quite pricey. Young Everton midfielder, Tom Davies is getting plenty of games at the moment as is still cheap. Pick him up even if for the bench).

Team In Focus - Houghton Believers

So what makes a winning team? This team is currently top of our humble league, 43 points ahead of second.

The defence is made of Petr Cech, Gary Cahill, Kyle Walker, Seamus Coleman and Gareth McAuley. McAuley is a good source of points with Pulis' teams getting a fair few clean sheets, likewise for Cahill. As for Walker and Coleman, both play in teams heavily reliant on fullbacks getting forward. Smart.

Midfield consists of Joe Allen, Matt Phillips, Dele Alli and Eden Hazard. Allen had great goal-scoring form at the start of the year and he's kept faith with the Welshman. Hazard and Alli speak for themselves whilst Phillips is doubtful for this week. Time to bench?

Up front is where the big points come in. Diego Costa and Harry Kane. They're both the stand out strikers of the league this year and any team that has both is doing very nicely for themselves. This week they have earned him 18 and 13 points respectively. Not half bad.