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Coming Soon: Get Your Exclusive LOV Merch!


It's an idea that has been percolating for a while now, and finally it has reached a satisfying point of fruition - you can now buy official and exclusive LOV merchandise!

A selection of the premium quality items on offer includes:

Your very own LOV mug! Be like our writing staff and drink from the finest in imported Chinese pottery. Only £47.99.

Next, we have the official LOV mousemat. Click on our articles and help support your favourite Bolton Wanderers blog. A snip at £29.99

Stuck for something to wear this summer? Then check out the freshest official LOV threads, it comes in sizes XL-XXXXXXXL and should suit most physiques:

What's that, you think £79.99 is steep? You can't put a price on style my friend.

Finally, if your obvious love for an online website isn't enough then why not make your fandom explicit in the most egregious way possible?

This one is in our bargain basement sale - only £9.99!

We don't ship to America, we don't ship to mainland Europe and we are unlikely to be able to ship to the UK.

So make it LOV this summer, and give yourself the best chance possible of looking as fly as possible. Remember - summer bodies are built in winter, and style possesses a new name - LOV.