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Bolton Wanderers Out of Contract Players: Keep, or Chuck?

Time to get real about next season

Bolton Wanderers v Northampton Town - Sky Bet League One Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images

So as Bolton Wanderers march towards promotion and the Championship, I think it's time we started looking to the future.

We have a core of players who were part of the worst season that I have ever experienced, last time out, and the majority have gone a long way to redeeming themselves. Should that mean we automatically stick by them for next season? Should that mean we look to upgrade, knowing that they couldn't hack it last time?

Read on, readers, and let me know if you agree with my assessment:

Lewis Buxton

The former Sheffield Wednesday man has been out for most of the season and therefore is unlikely, in my opinion, to have done enough to earn a new contract. Phil Parkinson doesn't strike me as the sentimental type.


Dean Moxey

Despite his pedigree, Moxey has never really convinced the Whites fans of his usefulness. A lot will depend on whether we sign Andrew Taylor, but I think his time up North might be over due to his inconsistency.


Dorian Dervite

A player enjoying a surprising renaissance in League One after so much time out through injury. Dervite has done well to banish some of the memories of last season where he was given a whole load of blame for our failings. I think Parkinson will reward his improvement.


Jay Spearing

Our midfield dynamo has a great pedigree, with top flight and European experience with Liverpool. Will be on a pretty penny, that's for sure, but I think he will want to stay. His performances have been good enough for us to oblige.


Jem Karacan

I haven't seen enough to be wholly sure either way - but he's another with boatloads of top flight, European and Championship experience and I think that will be very important for us as we try and stay in the second division.


Big Gary Madine

This is perhaps the most complex of all. Last year was fairly disastrous for him whilst this season has been virtually the opposite. Despite the turnaround in fan faith in him, the goals haven't flowed with any sort of consistency. However, Parkinson is clearly a fan and so will, in my opinion, keep him on. Whether he'll go into the first game at home to Sunderland as first choice is another matter.


Mark Davies

Oh Mark. It could've been so different had your knees not been made from MDF. A fantastic talent blessed with the ability to run at defenders with great speed, unfortunately it wasn't to be. His latest injury will see him depart Wanderers with a whimper, when it could - and should - have been a bang. Thanks for the memories and good luck.

Chuck, carefully

Liam Trotter

It's rare that you can find a Bolton player on which fan opinion is pretty consistent. From day one, the big lummox has underwhelmed, and his departure will be met with a huge shrug of shoulders - which is a shame because we all know that he has the tools at hand to be one helluva useful player.

Chuck at Wigan Athletic

Max Clayton

It was always going to take Max time to get back into the side. He's been out injured for so long that nobody really (as in for sure really) knows what he's capable of. I think for that reason alone he'll be given another year. He deserves it for his efforts in getting back to the team.


Lawrie Wilson

Downthemannyrd's favourite. An all round nice guy, from what we know. It will be a shame to see him depart, but the struggles of 2015/16 will see him remain in League One. Good luck along the way, and love that hair.

Chuck, ruefully

Reece Wabara

Dem IG whip's ain't what dem hoes wear when not on IG! Man with threads like these don't need no scrubs. Right backs like these however need to be fit and need to be given a chance. I liked Wabara when he was at Wigan and think when at 100% he will be useful. The lack of other options (for now) makes him a surprise keep.


Tom Walker

When you can barely break into the worst Bury team in a generation then you know something is wrong. Twinkle-toed, but as we saw last season he is too slight to thrive in the hustle and bustle of the Championship.


David Wheater

Similar to Dervite, Wheater was fairly terrible last season. However, similar to Dervite, we have seen a huge turnaround this time out. Granted it's at a lower level against pub teams, but his desire to win and ability to get his head on the ball will go a long way back in the Championship. This is a sentimental post, I don't mind saying - his improvement has been marked and is deserving of a new contract.



So there you go.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments box below the line.