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Opinion: What to do with Mark Davies?

Mark Davies.....member him?

Leeds United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Daniel Smith/Getty Images

Mark Davies, a player whose future at the club has been, for many years, disputed and often questioned.

Sparky has been riddled with injuries for the last two or three years, and has been on the sidelines more than he has been on the pitch since our Premier League years and quite frankly, is a massive shame.

A player so technically gifted and arguably the best player below Premier League level, Mark was and still is a massive hit at Bolton Wanderers and continues to be adored by many Bolton fans despite his lengthy injury set backs.

Given that he was by far our best player in the Championship, to have him in the squad this year would've been priceless.

Obviously, we have done extraordinarily well this season without him, but had we had both, Sparky and Sammy Ameobi, we definitely would've been contenders for the league title.

As it stands, we mathematically have a chance of achieving this which just shows what we could've done should we have been graced by Davies’ presence this year.

This is in no way is an article to belittle the success of our current available squad, we have been so impressive this year, but I daren't even dream of what could've been without Sparky’s injuries this season and last.

This begs the question of what do we do with him in June.

Well, Mark’s been at the club since 2009 and made over 150 appearances, he has become a fan favourite over the years but has also contributed to the massive wage bill which we have been struggling to manage since our relegation from the top flight.

It seems unbelievable that Mark, presumably, continues to receive his wages despite not having kicked a ball this season.

This continues to cause significant uproar amongst the section of fans who are ever-conscious of our financial situation and cannot see past him being released come June.

However, I’m far more reserved about this as I have had the pleasure of watching him frighten Championship defences and therefore know what an asset he could be for us once again next season, should we go up of course.

Without being too presumptuous, if we were to remain in League One, somehow I don’t think we’d have a say in Mark’s next career move and realistically, with a player of his ability, only have a chance of keeping hold of the Birmingham-born lad if we get promoted.

Of course, a lot of this depends on what the player wants and is therefore hard to predict whether Davies intends to stay at Bolton next season or whether he sees himself elsewhere, but if it was up to me, I wouldn’t be in a rush to get rid of him.

With the Chairman, the board and the manager having to take action on the out-of-contract midfielder who earns so highly, plagued by injuries, yet it such an influential player and a unique talent on the ball, it will be a very difficult decision as to whether they'll hand him another 12 month contract.

Sadly, with no sign of Davies this season on the pitch, sidelines or in the stands, it remains to be seen what will happen with Sparky next year.

Will he stay or will he go?

Leave your opinion in the comments.