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Bolton Wanderers fan reaches final six of YouTube competition

Wanderers fan Aaron Thorpe hopes to become the next 'Hashtag United' player


YouTube is a great thing. You can spend hours on end watching pointless videos or reliving the glory days of Bolton Wanderers watching highlights of Okocha and Anelka.

In recent years, it's become a place for creative people to share their content to the world. There's a wide selection of football content on YouTube. Whether it's the ranting True Geordie or the millions of really good FIFA players, if you love football there's something there for you.

One big Youtuber is Spencer Owen, who posts football related content on his channel, SpencerFC, which boasts nearly two million subscribers. Last year, Spencer came up against a team featuring Jay-Jay Okocha at Wembley Stadium in his own competition, the Wembley Cup.

Spencer has also created his own football team, Hashtag United. The team has played the likes of SkySports and Soccer AM, and recently embarked on a four game tour of the USA.

In January, a series was launched to find the next Hashtag United player, similar to the one Jamie Redknapp presented a few years back. I'm also sure Wanderers signed a player because he won a competition during the Alllardyce era.

Anyway, nearly 20,000 people applied, with a select few chosen to take part in trials.

Bolton Wanderers fan Aaron Thorpe, 20, was chosen to take part.

"I Heard about the trials mainly through my little brothers as they're big fans of Spencer, I was watching the video at night, thought nothing of it and went to bed. I couldn't get to sleep so i thought I might as well apply for it all and didn't think anything of it. Next thing I know I've got an email inviting me down to the trials in London."

Aaron has since taken part in a number of challenges, making it through to the final six. Last episode saw the Hashtag Academy players take part in some footballing drills at West Ham United's training ground.

"What I enjoyed most so far was getting the experience to play at a premier league sides training facility in West Ham, not many people get the opportunity to do that, and it was a great day."

When asked who his greatest competition is, Aaron stated:

"Said from the start my biggest competition would be Adam Lovett, top central midfielder, played alongside him from the start of the series, were a very similar type of player, sort of ball playing midfielders. I'd also probably say Jack Durkin, he is a top player technically, has a great footballing brain and is the perfect build. His attitude to everything is also excellent."

The next episode airs this Sunday at 11am. With a place in the Hashtag team and a £3000 prize up for grabs, let's hope Aaron can progress further.