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20 Years after Burnden Park: Your Memories - Part One

A selection of fans memories from Wanderers' former home

John McGinlay of Bolton celebrates after scoring

The 25th April marks twenty years since Bolton Wanderers' last game at Burnden Park, a resounding 4-1 win against Charlton Athletic.

I did go to Burnden, although I was only two. I'm told that every game I had a pie and fell asleep.

Seeing as I don't have anything else to say about my time at Burnden, let's hear from the fans who have fond memories of Bolton's former home.

We asked for your favourite Burnden moments, so here they are.

Derek Tomlin - "First game was (I think) 1969, against Hull City. 2-1 for Bolton. Strangely, one of the most memorable games was a loss - to lower league Chesterfield in the Cup (night game). What stood out was the hat trick - against us - by a certain young lad called ....Kevin Davies! As a teen, I always went in The Lever End ...fantastic atmosphere, that got more ' intimidating ' the further up the stand you went!

My favourite game and goal would have to be McGinlay's second against Wolves in the 2nd Leg of the Cup (95). Not the most spectacular, but probably meant the most at the time. Bolton were written off after the first leg, and to come from behind ..especially against Wolves ... was totally sweet ..and fitting that the ' Scourge of Wolves ' himself, scored the goal!"

Wayne Gilmore - "First game against Preston North End with my dad when I was six, last game against Charlton Athletic (last game at Burnden) when took my kids and we stood in same place for both games on embankment. Best goal had to be Frank Worthington's. Best memory, winning 2nd lifeline draw of 2 grand to buy my first house. Missing only 3 games of 77/78 season- that's home and away. Just being a Bolton fan is brilliant. Bolton til I die."

Ian Hesketh - "First game was in 1974 vs Hull City. Favourite goal Frank Worthington vs Ipswich. Best experience league cup semi final 1977 vs Everton with over 50,000 on. Loved standing on Burnden Terrace near Embankment. Sweet Green Tavern then the King Bill for a few beers followed by a pie at the game, great days!"

David Hampson - "Favourite Burnden goal was Jim McDonough v Burnley 1982-83 season that was the only highlight of that season.

Favourite game has got to be v Preston 1992-93 season clinching promotion after so many seasons down in the lower tiers I knew it was going to be the start of something special.

First game v Forest 1976-77 1-1 with over 30,000 on was stood on the embankment with my dad and uncles. If I remember rightly it rained.

Match day experience generally started with a pub crawl starting in the swan and ended finishing either at Rose Hill/Churchills or King Bill which took a little pain away especially in the eighties.

I miss Burnden but we had to move and if we didn't I don't think we would of seen the likes of Okocha, Djorkaeff and Co.."

Lee Smethurst - "My favourite game was against Reading FC 96/97, I was mascot. Keith Branagan got sent off and super John McGinlay had to go in goal. Was one of my 1st memories at burnden...or the last ever game against Charlton and Super John writing his name in the history books!"

Dave Skelly - "Think my favourite goal has got to be Frank Worthington's. Best game was the Bolton v Newcastle United FA cup game in the seventies (1976), a 3-3 draw. Before the seats and fences the atmosphere was always electric!"

Link to highlights from Bolton 3-3 Newcastle here

Graham Compton - "November 1949 was my first game aged 11. My Dad was a City fan and we went to Maine Rd every Saturday, Manchester United played there too. He took me to Bolton to watch City. Bolton won 3-0 and Nat Lofthouse got a couple. I was hooked. Next match I went to Burnden on my bike, parked up for 3p (old money) I went on my bike every match until 1953. Then by bus from Walkden and finally from the 60's by car."

Chris McKeown - "There are so many personal memories for myself , but to name just a few ...The league cup semi against Swindon in 95 was amazing, or the 'cauldron' match against wolves was another great night (Rioch's wanderers era was a fantastic time to be a whites fan). But, the moment that sealed the deal and forever made me a Bolton fan - was John McGinlay scoring the late penalty under massive pressure against Preston in 93 to secure promotion-happy days!!!"

Thank you to everyone who took part. If you have any great memories of Burnden, you can share them in the comments box below.