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Twitter Lemons

Bringing you the saltiest social media - this week, #sufc 

Bristol Rovers v Sheffield United - Sky Bet League One Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

Sheffield United are on the brink of promotion. Despite undoubtedly being the best side in the division, there's a very slender chance that they might not win the title - even so, their fan base is starting to twitch at the thought of Bolton creeping up on them to win League One. Here's what the best of the worst of their fans have had to say about Wanderers this week.

3) "What a shame the wheels are falling off at Fleetwood. Means that classless route 1 cloggers, Bolton will be up with us. #sufc"

Same old, same old. We've heard it all before. Bolton play ugly football. Looks like this Twitter user would rather Fleetwood went up rather than let Wanderers taint the Championship with their style of play.

You wouldn't think that we'd been in the Championship in the time Sheffield United had struggled in League One. I've had passports expire whilst The Blades have been trying to get promoted.


2) "Fair play to Bolton. Fill your team with bullies and big lads will work at League One level but they'll struggle next year. Ugly side. #sufc"

Same old story, crying about our style of play. What makes this one better than the last is that the author begins with "fair play", only to say exactly what we've heard before. Not "fair play to Bolton, they've got the best defence in the league", or "fair play to Bolton, their away form of late has been incredible", or "fair play to Bolton, the in form team in the Football League.

I look forward to seeing us "struggle" alongside you in the Championship next year.


1) "We all know that if us Blades match Fleetwood's result on Saturday we're up! Ideal scenario we both win to put added pressure on Bolton #sufc"

My favourite lemon so far. This guy doesn't just want promotion, he wants Bolton to fail. I smell fear. I think someone is scared that Sheffield United might not win the league.

It wouldn't put it past me if this lad would be happy if Sheffield United didn't go up this weekend and Fleetwood closed the gap on second.