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Twenty Years of Bolton Wanderers at the Reebok: Top 20 Moments Countdown - No.4-2

Two decades in the blink of an eye

Bolton v Derby X

We're almost there in the countdown of the top 20 moments at the Reebok Stadium, home of the mighty Bolton Wanderers.

Without further ado, let's get on:

4 - Chris Eagles vs Blackburn Rovers

Last minute winners are special.

Last minute winners against your nearest rivals are even more special.

Chris Eagles was a fantastic player and someone who fans of Bolton Wanderers often treated poorly. He was a scorer of some great goals and always gave his all for the cause.

In my opinion his crowning glory was the goal against Blackburn. I celebrated like a madman and there was absolute carnage in the stands.

The fact that it was a mishit makes it even more delicious.

Watch this, and enjoy the fuck out of it:

3 - Les Ferdinand's goal vs Manchester United

It might seem odd to you to have this so high up the list, but in terms of what the goal meant to be then it deserves its place.

From 2004, it was scruffy as scruffy gets, but it was glorious. That United equalised soon after is moot, because the moment this went in remains one of my most treasured memories watching Bolton at the Reebok:

2 - Stuart Holden vs Blackburn Rovers and Sam Allardyce

We've all seen it a thousand times, but it remains as powerful as ever.

Our American hero Holden bursting forward just seconds after Blackburn scored, drilling a left-footed volley past Paul Robinson. We went wild.

To beat Blackburn is one thing, but to see Dioufy smirking behind a glum Sam Allardyce is something else altogether. Beautiful.