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TOTP: The ten best Bolton Wanderers anthems

Eddie takes a look at ten of the best Bolton Wanderers anthems

Bolton Wanderers v West Ham United Photo by Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

In the weeks following promotion to the Championship, there has been one song that Bolton Wanderers fans have had stuck in their heads, Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline'.

Whether it was in the ground, at the celebration at the town hall steps, or David Wheater's drunken rendition at the End of Season awards do, you cannot escape the song.

Some Wanderers fans have even messaged Mr Diamond himself to see if he'll do a duet with Big Wheats at the Macron.

The song has become a new anthem for the fans, just as it has been for teams like the Boston Red Sox and the Carolina Panthers.

It got me thinking, what are the greatest Bolton Wanderers anthems?

So, here's the top ten; from 10 to 1.

10. Burnden Aces

I'm not overly fond of the Jade Assembly version, but it's become a regular pre kick off staple for the past couple years.

9. Just Can't Get enough

Depeche Mode's Just can't get enough became Wanderers' goal anthem during the Owen Coyle years. The song brings back fond memories of the first 3/4 of the 2010/2011 season, when Wanderers beat Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Arsenal and many more at The Reebok.

8. Sweet Caroline

The newest anthem and one that looks set to be heard constantly next season. Wanderers fans have adopted it as their own and it looks like it's hear to stay.

7. Hey Baby

This one brings back great memories of Wanderers' former skipper, Kevin Nolan. I bet you still can't resist singing this whenever you hear this song:

"Hey Kevin Nolan, Whoo, haaa, I wanna know how you scored that goal..."

6. Robert Miles' Children

Synonymous with Burnden Park in the mid 90's. Miles sadly died last week at the age of 47, and there's a campaign to get Children to number one in the charts.

5. The Wanderer

Whether it's Dion or Status Quo, The Wanderer has and will always be played at the Macron for years to come.

4. 633 Squadron

This is only the beginning. Ron Goodwin's theme from the 1964 film 633 Squadron accompanied the Wanderers players as they walked out onto the pitch during Big Sam's glory years. Reminds me of the good ol' days before they banned the fireworks.

3. Campione

Here we goooo. As the Reebok Rebels entertained the crowds ('member them?), the song Campione echoed out around the ground. At the same time, a highlights video was shown on the big screen showcasing the wealth of talent Wanderers had at the time.

2. I Feel Good

Whether you like goal music or not, James Brown's 'I feel good' was the soundtrack to Wanderers' Premier League years. There were even flag bearers who would run up and down the side of the pitch every time Bolton scored. Bet they were knackered after the Carling Cup Semi against Aston Villa.

1. Amarillo

Sha la la la la la la la, Diouf Diouf! One song you couldn't escape in 2005 was Tony Christie's 'Amarillo'. Whether it was the dwarfs wearing Bolton shirts roaming the streets of Coronation Street or at The Reebok, Amarillo was everywhere. It was and will always be remembered as Wanderers' anthem during their ascent up the league table on their way to Europe.

Have I missed one out, or do you disagree with the order? Let me know in the comments box below.