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EFL to introduce live streaming of games for global fans

Huge news for Wanderers fans abroad

Bolton Wanderers v Birmingham City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images

The EFL has just announced that they will be introducing live streaming of games for global fans. Dubbed iFollow, the new platform will enable EFL fans based outside the UK and Ireland to watch their team during the regular EFL season. With an estimated 270,000 EFL fans based outside the UK, iFollow will allow clubs to enable their supporters to follow the action wherever they are in the world.

iFollow will replace Bolton Wanderers' current streaming platform, Wanderers Player, and fans in the UK will still be able to listen to live radio commentary and watch highlight packages of all of Bolton's games.

This is huge news. I know for a fact there are plenty of Wanderers fans abroad, including the founders of this very website; Mark, Matilda and Dennis.

Starting this August, fans will pay around £110 a year to get access to coverage of all their teams' games, provided they haven't been selected for international television broadcast. All games will be available for the 92 EFL teams, and in HD. Fancy that.

I personally use the NBA equivalent to watch Boston Celtics games, and I know people who take advantage of the NFL broadcasting system, so this must be great news for all overseas Wanderers fans, who've had to follow games via radio commentary or twitter.

EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey commented: “The launch of iFollow is a notable development and will revolutionise the access thousands of overseas fans enjoy when following their EFL team. “The new iFollow platform represents a potentially significant new revenue stream for Clubs, while enabling enhanced engagement with existing fans now living abroad. “iFollow will also present the EFL with an important opportunity to stimulate the interest of new groups of supporters who follow our clubs overseas, which in turn will help support the growth of our competitions on the international stage.”

Are you a Wanderers fan abroad? Is this the best news ever? Let us know in the comments box below.