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Twitter Lemons

Bringing you the saltiest of social media - this week, our very own #bwfc fans

Oldham Athletic V Bolton Wanderers- Sky Bet League One Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

The haze of the Bank Holiday weekend is just about beginning to fade. What a weekend it was. Wigan went down, Wanderers went up, and Bradford went nowhere.

The plaudits that have come the way of the manager and players in recent days has been well deserved, but it hasn’t always been that way. A very good friend of mine, who I tend to admire for what he knows and appreciates about the game, took to Facebook after the 2-0 defeat at home to Oxford in October, to post just three words in as many minutes after the final whistle: “sack him now”. With that, he became the first Lemon of the 2016/17 season.

But he’s not alone. We Bolton fans are hardly known for our patience. We’ve all said things we have gone on to regret on social media - my first opportunity to write for this site came from such an occasion, when I denounced the appointment of Neil Lennon, only for Supreme Leader Manning to question my sanity (needless to say, I had the last laugh).

To those of you who haven’t made it into this episode of Twitter Lemons, breathe easy until next season. For those that have, take it with a pinch of salt - we all wanted the same goal at the end of the season; promotion. Allow us this oppotunity now to point and laugh at your sheer cheek to think we couldn’t do it.

4) Jay

Oh, Jay. Ye of little faith. We went up, fact.

I do like the Rafael Benitez vibe you’ve brought to proceedings.


3) Marcus

For the record, I like this lad. He talks a lot of sense on the old Twitter, and is definitely worth a follow. This, however, I can’t get on board with. Parky has built the best defence in the football league. It’s not always been exhibition football, but it has worked. Sure, there’s been the odd shambles (Oxford at home, Oldham away, Sheffield United away), but Parky has reignited this club, and built a team to be proud of.

Sack Parky? Not a chance!

Points for audacity.


2) Steve

A Wanderers fan had the audacity on Twitter to suggest that Parky had “worked miracles” this season with “no money and a squad with a losing mentality”.

We’re laughing too, Steve. The first team to win promotion under a transfer embargo. The best start to a season in 80-odd years. A free transfer who has more assists in his last 20 games than any player in Europe.

We’re all laughing, Steve. All the way to the Championship.

1) Carl

You know what, we all tweet the odd nonsense. Maybe it was a one off. Hang on a minute...

Carl, laaad. You’re a top class, prime Lemon. At least you’re consistent.

Wait a minute, laaad. What are you doing tweeting this three days ago?

Carl, you’re my favourite Lemon for the sheer hypocrisy of your Twitter feed in April. At least you’ve seen sense. Save the Parky Out tweets in your drafts for when we’re not top by October next season.

10/10. King Lemon.