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Twenty Years of Bolton Wanderers at the Reebok: Top 20 Moments Countdown - No.20-15

Two decades in the blink of an eye

A minutes silence is held in respect for Diana, Princess of Wales

Being a sad loser, I was thinking about this website and Bolton Wanderers whilst on the toilet earlier today.

It dawned on me that we have just completed our twentieth season at the Reebok Stadium and so I decided to mark it by ranking my top 20 moments at the ground.

You may agree, you may not, but this is my website and I'll do what I bloody well like.

I've revisited some fantastic memories along the way and I hope it brings a smile to your face. If not, then the door is over there:

20 - The First Game

I loved Burnden Park. The feeling of entering that rickety old ground knowing that it was our home still gives me goosebumps, but it was time to move on.

Years of umming and arring all led to 1st September 1997 and the visit of Everton in the Premier League. We all know how that game ended up and how it affected our season, but by Christ it was exciting heading down to the new ground knowing that this was our new home, our new church.

19 - Muamba's Mosaic

Fabrice Muamba collapsed in a Cup game against Tottenham Hotspur, suffering a heart attack on the pitch. Following a difficult few days, Bolton returned to action that Saturday against Blackburn Rovers.

What happened on the pitch is one thing (we won), but before the game a mosaic was organised, supporting Fabrice and giving Bolton fans a stage upon which to display our feelings towards him and his family as he continued his recovery.

It was hugely powerful and showed the world how much he meant to us. It makes me so happy to see him now back happy and healthy.

18 - Fredi Bobic Hat-Trick

During the early Sam Allardyce Premier League years we were fighting hard against relegation, seemingly every season - his decision to chase journeyman footballers with great ability would go on to pay off in spades, but on the odd occasion his gamble didn't work.

Fredi Bobic, a German striker who's Bolton career was largely forgettable, came up trumps when it mattered most in a must-win game at home to relegation rivals Ipswich Town with a hat-trick that will live forever in the minds of those who were there and those who support Bolton Wanderers.

Danke, Fredi

17 - Mark Fish v Michael Owen

Disclaimer - I loved Mark Fish. His swashbuckling approach to defending echoed my own, and the former Lazio centre half arrived at Bolton in 1997 to help up fight against relegation from the Premier League.

Of his 103 appearances for the Whites, one stands out in the memory. It was against Liverpool not too long into Fish's Bolton career. His opponent was Michael Owen, England striker, at the peak of his powers.

Now I confess that I've never seen this back since the day it occurred and so my memory could be a bit shady, but I have visions of a then-rapid Owen flying through on goal, with only Jussi Jaaskelainen to beat, before a long, stretching South African leg poked round and won the ball.

I celebrated it like we'd scored a goal. Just brilliant.

16 - Eidur v Wimbledon

Eidur Gudjohnsen would go on to a stellar career at Barcelona, Chelsea, Spurs, Monaco and of course Bolton (twice) but I will always remember him as that chubby little blonde lad who waddled onto the pitch at home to Hull City in the cup.

His best goal for Bolton?

In my opinion it was his dribble against Wimbledon.

Watch it and marvel at his genius.

15 - Gudni from Halfway

Captain, leader, legend.

Gudni Bergsson played for Bolton between 1995 and 2003, making 270 appearances for the club. He scored 22 goals along the way, none better than his halfway line thunderbastard against Barnsley on Boxing Day in 1997.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 in the coming days as we count down to the number one moment at the Reebok.