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Twenty Years of Bolton Wanderers at the Reebok: Top 20 Moments Countdown - No.9-5

Two decades in the blink of an eye

A general view of the Reebok Stadium

Welcome to Part 3 of my countdown. So far we've checked the top moments in the Reebok Stadium's history from 20 to 10.

Here are my picks from 9-5 as we get closer to working out the most iconic moment in Bolton Wanderers' stadium's two-decade long history:

9 - Beating Manchester United 1-0

We don't beat Manchester United very often but when we do we make the most of it. You'll remember Kevin Davies beating Gerard Pique (whatever happened to him?) before laying it through to Nicolas Anelka to finish, early on in Gary Megson's reign of terror.

A tense second half saw us hold out and saw me get royally battered that night. A great afternoon and another great memory.

8 - The Leicester City/Mike Riley Debacle

One of the most hard-fought and controversial games in the history of the Reebok, saw Bolton come from 0-2 down with nine men to draw.

Mike Riley and Robbie Savage combined to create a perfect wanker storm but it was a Sam Allardyce led Bolton who came back to earn a share of the points.

Easily one of the strangest games ever, and I don't think I've celebrated a draw as forcefully since.

7 - Ivan Campo’s Thriker v Tottenham Hotspur

Everyone loves Ivan Campo.

His time at Bolton will never be forgotten - even if the club did shaft him in the latter part of his career with us.

Back when Spurs at home wasn't a huge game, we began the 2007 season with a two-nil win, which was capped off by this fantastic strike from the ex-Real Madrid man.

6 - That Jay Jay Free Kick

I know I covered the Villa game in Part 1 but I think Jay Jay Okocha's free kick deserves it's own category.

An Okocha free kick in isolation wouldn't be that remarkable, but the context and the form in which it was struck makes it the best the stadium ever saw.

A hit with the outside of his boot around the wrong side of a defensive wall. Wow. Only Okocha could've thought that would work.

What a goal.

Sit back, press play and enjoy.

5 - The 5-1 v Newcastle United

There was a period in Owen Coyle's time at Bolton where we played some genuinely exhilarating football.

This game, along with the Spurs battering, was perhaps the peak of that moment and what a wonderful time it was to be alive.

We were a swashbuckling attacking unit. Two goals each from Johan Elmander and Kevin Davies plus one from Chung Yong Lee thrust us to victory and 4th in the table after 14 games.