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Spearing's Contract: Saving the Best for Last?

He's our Precious

Oxford United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

As Bolton Wanderers and their famed family of superagents work their behind-the-scenes magic, fans are still waiting with baited breath for news on the future of captain Jay Spearing.

With rumours abounding of a large offer from Blackburn Rovers, Sam has chimed in with his opinion on the subject at hand:

Jay Spearing is the last out of the long list of players to renew he contract.

When the season finished everyone was tweeting @superagent73 to sign up Wheater and Morais but I hardly saw anybody asking for spearing to be signed up.

I'm guessing some people just presumed that he would sign his contract and be one to get out the way. But here we are with days left until his contract finishes and it's still not sorted.

For the majority of last season he was our captain and personally I think he did a great job, he had presence on the pitch that is missing for Pratley, from what I saw Jay Spearing commanded the pitch very well and shows his passion in every tackle, sometimes that gets him a yellow card but that's just who he is.

Maybe he hasn't signed because he wanted to have a rest because he did play a lot of games last year and his style of play is a very physical one.

He deserves a rest and by the looks of his instagram he has made the most of it but pre season is round the corner and it needs to be sorted, come on Jay bloody sign it.