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Revealed at Last: The Anti Anderson Pact Between the ST, BEN and LOV


Rare Film and TV Memorabilia To Be Auctioned - Photocall Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images

I have noticed, from reading various forums and social media platforms, that over the last few months a conspiracy has been mooted. I love a conspiracy, so was saddened to learn that has been suggested that the Bolton Wanderers Supporter Trust, Bolton Evening News and this very website have been accused to colluding.

Colluding to do what, I haven’t really established, and neither have the conspiracy theorists, but I found it interesting all the same. So I started to do some digging. I looked back through my conversations with Dean Holdsworth’s team back before Ken came on board. I looked back through several messages swapped with Jonathan Disley, bulldog fan. I also looked back through the messages that the writers of this fine blog share in our chat group.

I was shocked by what I found.

I would like to you invite you, dear reader, to sit down and get ready for this.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

OK here goes:


I did find a video online - I think this is one of the main theorists: