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New Bolton Wanderers Squad Numbers Revealed: Kit Nerds.....ASSEMBLE HERE

It’s important and I don’t care what you think

Bolton Wanderers squad, celebrate

Bolton Wanderers have revealed their new squad numbers for the upcoming Championship season, possibly the earliest time ever.

Now some naysayers might insist that this is sad. That you are sad for reading this, and I’m even sadder for writing it.

Well I don’t care. I live for this shit.

They are as follows:

1. Ben Amos, 2. Mark Little, 3. Andrew Taylor, 4. Dorian Dervite, 5. Mark Beevers, 6. Josh Vela, 7. Chris Taylor, 8. Jem Karacan, 9. Adam Le Fondre, 10. Sammy Ameobi, 11. Will Buckley, 13. Ben Alnwick, 14. Big Gary Madine, 17. Derik Osede, 20. Adam Armstrong, 21. Darren Pratley, 22. Filipe Morais, 23. Stephen DARBY, 31. David Wheater, 33. Mark Howard, 34. Jeff King, 35. Connor Hall, 36. Harry Brockbank 37. Alex Perry, 38. Jack Earing, 39. Jake Turner, 41. Ryan White, 42. Cole Lonsdale

Obviously for those of us with this particular character trait this throws up a million questions.

Firstly I would like to congratulate Parkinson for getting the main numbers right. Number 2 and 3 as fullbacks. Tick. 7 and 11 as wingers, tick. 9 as main striker? Bob on.

However, there are areas of deep, deep concern to me.

Firstly, why is Dorian 4? He is a defender. He should immediately trade numbers with Josh Vela. No.6 is a centre half. It’s Chris Fairclough.

Sammy as 10 is also problematic. No.10 evokes an image of a playmaker. A devil. Someone like Zach Clough. Sammy is perfectly good at what he does, but he’s not a no.10. He is not Maradona. He should be wearing something like 15.

On the subject of 15. We need to talk about Derik.

I have no problem with players changing number, but it needs to be done correctly. Players should, in most cases, only drop down the list in terms of number when they become less important to the team. If they are more important then they should go up the list. Such as when Stuart Holden went from 22 to 8. I will be watching this situation very closely.

So there you have it. I’ve outed myself again as a kit nerd. I welcome all types and sorts to this website. The geek shall inherit the earth, after all.