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Five Things We Learned: Millwall 1 - 1 Bolton Wanderers

Important lessons to learn, perhaps

Oxford United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Time To Call it a Day With 3-5-2

Its been fun pretending to play in Serie A but I believe we need to change the set up. We have some. In a Wanderers’ starting eleven where Gary Madine is capturing the hearts, minds and imagination of fans as the centre of our team’s attacking moves whilst seriously talented wingers like Sammy Ameobi (injured, I know), Will Buckley, Filipe Morais and Adam Armstrong are left on the bench is insane. Even ALF, an out and out goal scorer, can’t live up to his potential in this system.

Of course it’s early in the season and perhaps if we find the right balance between attack and defence, as even our ‘attacking’ midfielders appear to play holding roles, then it could work but I think we should shake it up.

Gary Madine is a Nightmare to Referee

This is hardly news but referees seem to rule against our Gary more often than not. Reminiscent of the days of Kevin Davies (… oh lord), a big striker beating defenders to headers with a bit of physicality in the process is criminalised. The 50/50 calls always go against him. As hoofing the ball to him appears to be a cornerstone of our season we’re going to see a lot of this.

Cullen and Burke are Good at Football

Reece Burke had a great game on Saturday and Josh Cullen, despite personally not being that impressed with his performance last week, started to show some signs of promise. When coming from a set up like Bradford it is difficult to imagine how they will cope with Championship life but they’re doing a good job so far.

Darren Pratley is a Middle Distance Runner Pretending to be a Footballer

He seems like a lad but his touch and movement just wasn’t good enough on Saturday. As Rob explained in his player ratings, enough is enough. I hope he isn’t our long term cover for Josh Vela, but I’ll fear we’ll have to settle for it.

Free Kicks are Sexy

Whilst ugly babies, billionaires and dogs roam this earth, there is no such thing as an ugly free kick.

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