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SSBWFC & Winding-Up Orders: So What Do We Know, and What Might Happen?

Yes, that is OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court - Day 3 Photo by Julie Jacobson - Pool/Getty Images

Welcome to the circus that is Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

As you all know, SSBWFC, the Dean Holdsworth led arm of the club’s ownership is currently dealing with a winding-up order in the courts. To be clear from the off, this isn’t a Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away sort of situation, but it isn’t good at the same time.

I’ve pieced together opinions from various experts that I’ve sought out, and I’m concerned by what I’ve heard.

Let’s dive in with the best case scenario:

We get another adjournment. The general feeling around the club, or so I’m told, is that today’s petition will be revoked and then immediately resubmitted. With no movement on a Ken Anderson buyout of SSBWFC shares, this seems the most likely route.

Right, now, are you ready for the worst case? Then read on, reader:

One of the people I spoke with claimed to understand that the liquidation of SSBWFC is likely to happen today. This contradicts the above, but represents a more scary thread.

The liquidator could then hold the assets of SSBWFC and arrange for their immediate sale. The assets in question are their shares in Burnden Leisure. The liquidator could then also put themselves on the board of Burnden Leisure in place of Dean Holdsworth. Obviously then the liquidator could look at the club accounts, which won’t make for good reading if your name is Ken Anderson, I would expect.

Should the liquidator decide to cash in, then this could open the club up to all sorts of unsavoury potential bidders, which is a prospect I don’t want to think about. The only certain thing about all this is that nothing is certain. The liquidator will do whatever they have to do in the best interests of BluMarble.

As a friend of mine said, would you rather have a kick in the bollocks, or a punch to the dick?

Remember when we used to talk about football? I miss those days.