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Transfer Deadline Day: LIVE

Transfer embargo, no money and £4.5k a week in wages, but we're eternal optimists... Get your wallet out, Kenneth

What’s that? Bolton are signing.... anyone? Unbelievable Jim

Yellow ties at the ready. In the Premier League teams may be splurging cash like nobody’s business on absolute like Jonny bloody Evans and Danny Drinkwater, but here in the dirgy, horrible, depressing world of Bolton Wanderers things are much more real.

We’re under a transfer embargo. We’ve had ridiculous restrictions imposed on us by the ED... I mean EFL. And we can’t sign anyone for more than £4,500 a week, which in this mad modern age means we can’t even sign your granny to offer a bit of support to Poor Gary Madine up front.

However, we Bolton fans are ever the optimists (are we?) and somehow, just somehow, yesterday’s news that Our Holy Saviour Ken has ‘bought’ the club could somehow, just somehow, result in a cheeky signing or two.

I’m not holding my breath, and nor should you, but if the Saviour Himself does present some sort of miracle, you’ll hear about it here first.

Oh, and we’ll also have all sorts of nonsensical babble and ridiculous rumour mongering from the stupid Premier League and beyond to keep you entertained while Bolton sign absolutely nobody.

So, get your Jim White-esque levels of excitement ramped up to the max, and here we go... Check the Comments section below for updates!