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Karl Henry Signs : The Hero Bolton Wanderers Deserve?

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Bolton Wanderers v Queens Park Rangers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

That’s it. The deal is done.

Ex-Stoke City and QPR man Karl Henry is the midfield bruiser we have all been crying out for. I use the word crying, as I have seen quite a lot of it on the internets since the move was announced.

I remember Henry as a dickhead, basically. Karl, if you’re reading this, please don’t close the window - I mean it as a compliment.

The sort of nasty, ratty little opponent who would kick our lads up in the air and stroll about the pitch as if he owned it.

Well, he’s our bastard now and I wouldn’t want to bet against him becoming a fan favourite pretty quickly.

We have cried out for someone who can get stuck in and give his fellow midfielders a boot up the arse - well we’ve got one now.

Bristol City might come too soon, who knows, but we have all thought that this midfield is far too weak to survive in the Championship - well, not any more.

Welcome Karl and good luck at Bolton Wanderers.