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Liam’s Immediate Reaction: Bristol City 2-0 Bolton Wanderers

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It gets worse

Bristol City v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

It's slipping away, very quickly.

Another demoralising loss has been taken with a pinch of salt which is clear sign of the resignation of the fan base. Before the game we were hearing whispers at the site that certain players were upset with criticism levelled at them by us.

I'm not going to kick someone while they're down so I'll move on quickly.

In truth, I don't blame the players, I simply don't think they are good enough and I felt this way before a ball was kicked last month.

At the moment, I can't see a game we'll win never mind stay up.

What can be said though? We all knew it, deep down, the embargo strangled us and has left us wanting.

There is a school of thought within Bolton Wanderers that now the embargo has been lifted, we can try and still be in the mix come Christmas and push on from there but It is hard to see how given how things are going.

Its 7 straight defeats and Aston Villa away this weekend ...