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Opinion: Why Signing Julio Baptista Makes No Sense Whatsoever

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I can’t square this one away

FA Cup 4th Round Replay: Bolton Wanderers v Arsenal Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

According to internet tittle tattle, one Julio Baptista, formerly of Sevilla, AS Roma, Real Madrid, Arsenal and, er, Orlando City is currently staying at our Whites Hotel as he tries to seal a shock free transfer to Bolton Wanderers.

From what I understand, an electronic frenzy was immediately launched by supporters, who desperate for something to distract us from being bottom looked at this shiny and new glamour signing and immediately dropped their keks and began to get excited.

Personally, I’m not quite at that stage. The need for new bodies is indisputable. We possess one of the smallest squads in the league, a fact borne out by our poor start to the season. It therefore comes as no surprise, embargo and all, that we continue to look at free transfers, but I am not convinced by this one.

If you believe Marc Iles over at the BEN, the player is a friend of the Anderson boys, and unfortunately this move smacks of a vanity signing and is a million miles from the sort of player that I would expect Phil Parkinson to chase. I also did wonder whether, due to our mate Alan Nixon being the first to break the news, he was playing Football Agent again, given that he has form for this with the Carlos Sanchez move. Pushing players on clubs through the media in exchange for a cut of any agent fee. Makes you wonder.

Whilst no doubt willing to work within the wage constraints imposed by the EFL, Baptista is 35, and it is a decade since his last meaningful contribution to English football. His glory days at Sevilla are even longer ago.

To see my beloved Stuart Holden comment on the situation advising fans of the player’s deeply forgettable time in MLS only furthers this viewpoint.

We need signings, but we need the right signings. Ever since the Leeds United game it has been obvious that we needed a defensive midfielder, yet since the match we have signed a third winger who likes to play on the right and now, it seems, an ageing Brazilian attacking midfielder. It doesn’t make sense.

In the middle of all this is Parkinson. Managers have players bought for them by higher-ups all the time, but I wonder whether he has had any say in this barring granting permission for the guy to train with our U23s, as he has this week. Parkinson is our best shot at staying up and we would be better served giving him the tools with which to craft our survival, rather than play Fantasy Football and risk everything we achieved last season being for nothing.

Of course, if he signs and is brilliant then I’ll just DELETE this article and climb on the bandwagon.

It’s never boring here, is it?