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September; A bountiful or blighted crop ahead?

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Huge month coming up for the Wanderers both on and off the field. What's the options?

Swindon Town v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

After a crazy August of ownership battles, transfer window drama, Championship football disappointment with 2 points from 15, what can possibly be important about September? Well, quite a bit it seems.

After a mind numbing two week international break, for us fans that have given up on England that is, Bolton Wanderers are finally back in the saddle with today's home match against money men Middlesbrough. The first of seven games crazily squeezed into just over 3 weeks, just so that we can enjoy yet another two week international break. Sake.

Ignoring the cup game, we have Boro, the Blades and Brentford at home, whilst away at Barry Knight loving Ipswich, Brizzle City and beelzebub Terry's Villa. In the catastrophic 15/16 season we had W1 D5 L5 from the first eleven and, so far, we have had a worse start this time round. Throw in the fact that our every game seems to be stalked by injuries, a size and salary capped squad built under an embargo and off field distractions aplenty, it's no bloody wonder really.

However, this is football. If it followed the predictable path of stats then it wouldn't be the game we love. One game can turn a team of carthorses into an invincible 'white hot' force. It happens and by Christ on a stick we need it to happen now. If we can grab 8 or more points, happy days and we have chance going forward. Eleven games without a win however, and the writing is written luminously large on the wall.

Gotta feel for Parky as he's no choice but to go for it now. Wins not draws are required to get us back on track. The real problem is central midfield. I expect Parkys first choice would've been a Spearing, Karacan, Vela combo. Well one didn't come back, thanks to the embargo and the other two got injured. Noone has arrived, great signing as well, but he's a winger. 3-5-2 is still failing so does Parky change formation as well? It's got to be coming, surely? Bolton are as good using wing backs as Trump is at public relations. Tough, tough decisions for our manager and his coaching team then prior to today's game. I still have faith in spades in Parky, I have to say. He performed a minor miracle last season and we shouldn't forget that. But come full time at Villa on the 30th, we should have a good idea as to whether we are going to be relegation no hopers or in with a fighting chance of staying up.

Big month off field as well. Some say that as long as the embargo is lifted by the winter transfer window, happy days. My arse it is. Yes, lifting the embargo means we can pay loan and transfer fees (although admittedly not much) and these can only be progressed in a window. But lifting the embargo right now also means much more. We can have no salary cap, no squad limit, can play the youngsters (remember them? Turner, Perry, King and Hall), sign unattached players (Spearing?), sign players who agree a contract pay off with their club (e.g. Wilbraham and Noone). Most importantly though, because a crucial requirement to get the embargo removed is for the club to show that it has funding in place to operate for 12 months, it will show that Bolton Wanderers is back in business and not a half dead nag looking to be put of its misery. Just as promotion to the Championship made Bolton more attractive to investors, so will a club seen as being able to operate normally.

Apparently our club has a meeting with the EFL on 21 September. I can't see why further penalties will be placed against us due to the SSBWC liquidation. InnerCircle have the shares and are effectively the sole owners with a 95% holding. The defaulted Blumarble loan issue has been resolved for now. It's still the same huge amount, it's still unpaid, but the default has reportedly been renegotiated for payoff going forward and with much reduced ongoing interest rates. From a neutral point of view, why would this cause concern to the EFL?

So that leaves proof of a business plan with that all important confirmed funding. Well Kenneth has been going on and on and on over the last year or so about what he can do when the SSBWFC/BM issue was out the way. Well it is now. No excuses, we are eagerly looking forward to see these investors 'waiting in the wings' come on down and blow the EFL out the water. Should this have happened straight after the takeover prior to the end of the summer transfer window? Of course not, that would've been a ridiculous ask from us fans. But a good month later either at the EFL meeting or just after seems a reasonable expectation to me. If Anderson pulls off a complete lifting of the embargo, then fair play to him, he's answered his critics, but if it's still there by month end, then it's only fair that searching questions are asked.

Anyhow, a match at last this afternoon. I can't bastard wait. COYWM.