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Bolton Wanderers 0-3 Middlesbrough MOTM: The Pie I Had at Half-Time

A scrumptious performance...

In a tie that was only ever going to have one winner - the team that splashed £40m in the transfer window just gone (not that that’s a bad thing, if you have the money then by all means spend it) - there were still standouts in the Bolton camp, namely the delicious pie I consumed during half-time.

Bought for a reported fee of around £3.50, the Holland’s chicken balti pie made an instant impact when brought on, leaving a tasty mark in my mouth and a fulfilling impression in my stomach, I initially had doubts about the pie’s capability to perform when it was served piping hot to me but the time it took to settle in and cool down was very impressive.

Even given the lack of support around it - namely the plastic fork which was flimsy as all hell - the pie still outshone and put in a remarkable shift, I started with the pastry in the middle which boasted a nice combination of moisture and texture which complimented the inside contents very well. The balti chicken on the inside was both rich in flavour and not as messy as some of your other curry-based pies on the market, I hope the pie can continue its bright start to the season and be a key player in me not offing myself if the rest of the lads in the Bolton camp continue their lacklustre performances.

*Disclaimer to the inevitable whingers who actively reject any jokes made about their precious club, this is a satirical article made to make light of an otherwise dull situation, Madine and Noone had good games*