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Bolton Wanderers & Social Media: Don’t shoot the messenger

On the defensive are we, Will? Not necessarily...

Bolton Wanderers v Derby County - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Welcome back to an overdue instalment of my social media series. First off, I’d like to remind you all, particularly those asking, that the podcast will be back soon, I’m working against technology and we all know how hard that can be.

So whilst I’m stuck on the podcast front, I’ve decided to attack things from a written perspective, an increasingly irregular occurrence for myself which I do apologise for.

Anyway, enough of me rambling, let’s talk about the side of technology which is the ever more, and perhaps far too reliable side of technology, the power of social media.

It is often the way nowadays that setting the record straight is ever more important which I can completely respect, however, it is the response to the way in which these things are portrayed that causes issues.

A story’s outline can vary based on the individuals respective position, and let’s be honest, the truth hurts sometimes, naturally though, some are better at dealing with this than others.

It is a shame that in the modern day, someone’s job, which is simply a way of making ends meet, is undermined to the point where they feel uncomfortable to comment or respond on a personal level which is never a nice situation, especially when everyone is entitled to their own opinion and thoughts. However, this can often become tangled when there is a profession involved.

As a budding sports journalist myself, it is becoming increasingly daunting to see what I could be set to face in the future having seen for myself the backlash and ways in which those with only best intentions at heart are set upon for doing their job which I understand can be cut throat when having to sell a story which isn't exactly the rosiest.

However, there’s a cut off point where those aiming to make a living are being targeted personally which firstly, doesn't necessarily reflect their personal opinion, and secondly, for sharing news which is relevant and requires publishing, regardless of its nature because its what they’re paid to do.

This is becoming increasingly prominent on social media as you may have noticed is becoming the choice of tool for the job, often to avoid personal detection or a simple conversation which usually are an easier means of resolving an issue with those who you wish to take it up with.

It’s a little bit different here though you see, give us as much stick as you like quite frankly, because we’re volunteers who share a hobby and are just passionate about the club we support whose thoughts are often irrational and in the heat of the moment but similarly are respectful, observant but often angered by how much criticism those who deserve far more respect than we do, receive for having a more formal approach to this news malarkey.

Despite what the title suggests, we, as writers, appreciate feedback and constructive criticism, but being laid in to is simply unnecessary and only causes further disruption which you'd presume is trying to be eliminated on all platforms, as I have previously encouraged.

Those on the receiving end of the news from all distributing parties of course appreciate clarity and for things to be set out as they should be, but when selling your soul to put food on the table is so often the case in an industry like this, being shot down is something I’m sure no-one like me appreciates or deserves to endure.

I’ve had my fair share of flack in the past, as has every other writer, and you get used to the usual mindless critics, but when it is what’s expected of you, when hard work is required and when every effort is put into to allow the public the right and ability to access as much Bolton Wanderers related content as possible, to then have it thrown back in our faces is quite alarming.

Those more respected than ourselves work every hour that god sends to provide you with bang up to date information each day both online and in the papers which has to be respected but when all you can think to do is pick out the negatives or hold the assumption that every story has a negative undertone to it, it’s downright infuriating and draining when all you're doing is your job.

Of course, you can't always expect to have it easy and I’m quite prepared for the challenge post University, but I can't help but feel that the journalists and writers at all levels, who have a duty or even simply an opportunity to promote what they love or have a passion for, it is then beyond anyone’s rights to turn round and complain for having provided them with content at their fingertips which, 99% of the time, is free of charge too.

Everyone employed has a job to do and I’m sure those who similarly receive such pointless criticism share this annoyance and its something which I’m hoping will gradually decline as time passes in any workplace

So, regardless of how a story is displayed then, the cliche ‘don't always judge a book by its cover’ has to be referenced given that however ridiculous or however judgemental the piece may seem, there’s usually more to it.

Those of you who standby us writers through thick and thin are the exception and are massively under-appreciated so hats off to you.

Those that don’t though are unlucky because not everything is going to be to everyones personal taste but it at least deserves to be dealt with maturely, professionally if applicable and within the realms of realistic demands when considering the role of each party involved in a story.

Life isn't fair though, we all know that, but that goes for everyone, so next time you think about blaming an individual for posting relevant content, think twice before commenting because you're usually better saying nothing at all than nothing nice.

We encourage our readers therefore to always consider things from a different perspective and if you still feel like its the messenger’s fault then you’ll probably need to re-evaluate because other than opinion pieces, we just tell you what gets put in front of us.

As ever with this site though, take things with a pinch of salt and take this article how you will but it isn't directed at anyone so please don't feel the need to send sympathy messages out left right and centre just because I wrote what you could well perceive to be a guilt-trip but is genuinely just aiming to pose as an eye opener.

Those who know me better will know this series itself is just designed to get these things off my chest and is simply my opinion so feel free to complain if I’ve wasted your time or if you disagree with me, but as ever, remember to consider things wisely before you shoot the messenger.