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Polite Mutiny : The Problem with Wanting Rid of a Manager That You Still Really Like

It all feels so rude

Bolton Wanderers v Preston North End - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Let’s start with a universal truth, everyone likes Phil Parkinson. I think you’d have to travel a long way to find a (normal) Bolton Wanderers supporter who doesn’t.

This is in stark contrast to when we fired off the last few. Gary Megson - clearly a terrible human. Owen Coyle - clearly out of his depth. Dougie Freedman - again clearly one of the worst human beings of all time. Neil Lennon - too interested in being centre of attention.

In recording the 98th episode of the LOVpod tonight I accidentally happened upon the term ‘polite mutiny’ which I think describes our situation very well.

From what I understand, social media has determined that Wanderers should replace their manager. With whom is another argument but for now I believe that it has been decide that we require change.

What I find interesting is the way in which this change in mindset has come about. As a fanbase we have never been particularly backwards in coming forwards but on this occasion it seems to be with a sense of regret that we have reached the conclusion that our beloved (lol) chariman Ken Anderson should pull the trigger on the man that he appointed back in 2016.

Of course we all know that Wanderers find themselves deep in the midst of one of those Parky-esque runs that we have all seen before. These streaks are all too familiar to Bolton fans and this is where much of the unhappiness seems to come from.

Speaking personally, I believe that it might well be a good idea for a change to come about but I am also very much appreciative of the job that Parkinson has done at the club so far.

So, it begs the question, how do you press for the removal of a man that you respect and like?

In the last two or three home games we haven’t seen the sort of protest that marked the end of the Lennon, Freedman, Coyle and Megson reigns. We haven’t seen the infighting, the actual fighting and the arguments that have befallen each previous incumbent manager. We all believe that PP was the right man at the right time but there is also a way of expressing that same admiration whilst also wondering whether he’s taken the side as far as he can.

Would the team benefit from a fresh voice in the dressing room? Would the fans benefit from having a fresh figurehead? Can someone else come in and manage to eke out a few extra percent from a squad of players deemed not good enough elsewhere?

I think the biggest call has to lie with chairman Anderson who, as the ultimate decision maker, has his arse on the line.

For the record, I won’t tolerate any calls for David Lee to take over, that’s just being plain daft.

Can Parky sort it out? Will he get chance? The Wigan Athletic game looms large on the horizon. I can see Parkinson surviving losses to Swansea City and Millwall. Can I see him surviving losing to Wigan? Probably not.

It all just feels so disrespectful. I don’t know what to think.