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Yet Another Financial Groundhog Day for Bolton Wanderers (Again)

Another fine mess

Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Here we are again folks!

Bolton Wanderers, ahead of a huge must-win game against local rivals Wigan Athletic find themselves mired in yet more back-page shithousery.

Wanderers, stuck deep in the relegation zone without a win in what feels like forever and having failed to impress more or less anything on anyone since Autumn now find themselves (again ) being reported on for all the wrong reasons.

For what feels like the 250th time during his tenure as chairman, Ken Anderson has had to explain to staff - both playing and off-field - that they will have to wait for their wages, presumably because of a cashflow problem.

Whether Ken had to wait for his £40k to go in has yet to be established.

It’s all just so grubby. Christmas being the worst time to have money problems aside, doing everything by email rather than meeting people face-to-face doesn’t sit well, nor does the excuse that I’ve seen tonight which claims that people shouldn’t mind because ‘what difference does it make being paid on Monday rather than Friday?’.

It’s shitty enough being a Wanderers fan at the moment because of the on-field tripe that we are having to put up with, but to read that we are just as toxic off the pitch is almost too much to bear.

Granted there’ll be idiots talking about taking bedsheets to the game on Saturday, or those demanding protests outside the entrance to the ground. Spare a thought perhaps for those people who work behind the scenes who are at no fault whatsoever during this mess.

God help us all if we go a goal down.