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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 0-1 Leeds United

Groundhog Day all over again

West Bromwich Albion v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

We lost again. That is not a positive.

My thoughts:

1 - We are Weak

Bolton Wanderers might have lost the match in a somewhat controversial manner, with the referee missing what might have been a penalty late on, but overall a point would have been a bit harsh on a Leeds United side who largely dominated the match.

The trouble is that we are a weak side.

The winning goal, for example showcased just how pathetic Will Buckley can be. He lost the ball for the 767th time during the game and failed to track back again - twenty seconds later the away side was in the lead. Would this have happened with a better winger? Unlikely - though the ball might have been lost it would not have been done in such a soft fashion. Buckley is emblematic of the problems the squad faced.

2 - Midfield Still a Problem

Parkinson shook up the midfield on Saturday, but it still really didn’t make too much difference. It is perhaps understandable why Josh Vela has hardly played this season when all he can muster is a bit of huffing and puffing and not a whole lot else. His first half was OK, but the second was far less so.

Williams and Lowe continue to show how incredibly average they can be with appalling distribution and were often chasing shadows in midfield, especially in the opening 15 minutes of the game.

We missed Sammy Ameobi’s invention, with the previously mentioned Buckley and Craig Noone being ineffectual throughout. Some might say diabolical, but that’s up to you to decide.

3 - Goals

Josh Magennis isn’t good enough. Christian Doidge isn’t good enough. Neither appear to have the wherewithal to be a first-choice striker in the Championship. Neither player is short of graft, but similarly they’re just not up to it.

On Saturday, Magennis was busting his balls trying to win aerial battles against a quality Leeds defence but he can hardly flick it on to himself, can he?

Doidge came on towards the end but barely touched the ball, again. I would seriously be checking the terms of his deal and seeing if there is a way we could back out. The leap from Division 4 to the Championship is just too great and the lad is struggling, plain and simple. He isn’t helped, as Magennis isn’t, by the least creative Bolton Wanderers team in modern history.

We had zero shots on target.

4 - Phil Parkinson

I know we all think he’s very dignified etc but seriously that’s what, one win in 18?

He has had a terrible set of circumstances to work within - of that there is no doubt, but this result should see the end of his time at the club, in my opinion.

Since we got promoted he has delivered what was an atrocious season last year - last minute miracle aside - and we are just as bad if not worse off this season.

Sorry Phil, I know you’re probably a great guy but the team needs a fresh voice.

5 - Ken Anderson

Not a shock to see that our beloved leader was absent from the game, though I’m sure it’s still within his claim to attend 90% of games. Maybe iFollow counts to that total.

After the way that his behaviour has been showcased lately I would be, frankly, astonished if he ever came back to the stadium on a matchday.

To treat the club’s staff so poorly was one thing, but you’d think, wouldn’t you, that he would want to keep his head down for a bit and focus on the job in hand of selling the club - but no, instead he has made a martyr of BEN writer Marc Iles who he has now famously banned from the stadium.

What does he hope that will achieve? He has made of martyr of Mr Iles instead of, what I presume his intention was, to make a show of him.

I was talking to my neighbour at the match, an older guy, who isn’t on Twitter about the incident and he told me that he had had no interest whatsoever in anything that the BEN wrote but having heard the kerfuffle from the club he felt compelled to go out and see what was being written.

So, instead of limiting the BEN’s influence on the fanbase it seems that the opposite effect has been achieved, at least on that the evidence of that short sample.

What does this coming week have in store for Wanderers? Christ knows.