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A note to the chairman

Following on from Marc Iles' articles this morning

Bolton Wanderers v Huddersfield Town - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Having read Marc Iles’ articles this morning, we felt compelled to write this. In the past week, Wanderers’ players and staff were told that for the third time in four years, they would be getting their November wages late.

Whilst it’s not the most ideal situation for the players, to toy with the emotions of the regular staff is widely unfair.

Single parents, people with bills to pay, not to mention that we’re so close to Christmas. Thankfully, the staff were paid last week, albeit almost a day late.

But, one concerning thing is the fact that the coaching staff have still not been paid their bonuses for keeping Wanderers in the Championship last season. Parky and his backroom team performed a minor miracle to keep Bolton up. To stay up having started the season under an embargo and having only taken two points from the first eleven games is nothing short of incredible.

Not only that, but players who departed last season weren’t paid their bonuses on time either, leading to the likes of Karl Henry being forced to go public to have any chance of being paid.

Considering all of that, what gives you the right to be the 16th highest paid director in English football?

The name of Bolton Wanderers, a founder of the football league, has been dragged through the mud too many times in the last eighteen months.

From the winding up orders, public spats with creditors owed money and the fact we were minutes away from adminstration.

Despite the best efforts of the players and staff, the constant off field issues have had a detrimental effect on the results.

We don’t want to be supporting a club that is forever in the financial mire, not knowing whether there is enough money to keep the club afloat a month down the line, let alone a whole season.

At the end of the day, we will still be here for the years to come. Owners change, players change & the management changes. But the fans are here for life.

We want answers. Enough is enough.