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Bolton Wanderers' sophomore slump

Eddie compares Wanderers to a serial TV drama

Bolton Wanderers v Bristol City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Watching Bolton Wanderers this season has been like watching your favourite TV show. One of those American drama shows that last twenty odd episodes.

Picture the scene:

The show is now in it’s second series. The first series was an unexpected success, given the limited budget and relatively unknown main cast.

Going into the second series, viewers were excited but concerned as to whether the writers and actors could replicate the success from the first series.

The first few episodes were slow burners, and it looked like the show was destined for an early cancellation.

However, the show found its stride again. The plot became cohesive and it was compelling to watch. Characters weren’t one dimensional, and this attracted attention from casual viewers.

Sadly, the contined success of the show meant that the main star had to be killed off. A rival show with a much greater budget came in with an offer too good to be true, and he left, leaving the future of the whole production in doubt.

Despite his absence, the show continued to rake in the viewers, much to the surprise of the critics.

As the show went into its final hiatus before the finale, it was expected that a third series was inevitable. The season long plot looked to be heading towards a fascinating and satisfying conclusion.

Although, the past few episodes have been unmitigated disasters. Plot holes now riddle the show, and series favourites have suddenly had their screen time cut, much to the confusion of the viewers.

The casual viewer has once again written the show off, although the die hard fans remain loyal. Whilst it may have been painful viewing in recent times, the die hards have invested too much time into the show to turn away now, so they continue to watch.

With four episodes to go, there’s uncertainty as to whether the show will wrap up the series in a way that keeps fans happy.

Tune in on Saturday to find out.