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Five Things: Burton Albion 2-0 Bolton Wanderers

Oh to be a Wanderer

Burton Albion v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

David's five things from yesterday's disastrous defeat to Burton Albion:

1. The truth is out there

Actions speak louder than words and just like our back four, no one can defend that performance. If I were a neutral watching that game, like from Monaco or somewhere, I would say one team were together, fighting tooth and nail for every single ball, taking great pride for their club and the other team were a forlorn, disjointed group who have all but given up and do not care one jot about the future of their football club. And you know what, they would be absolutely spot on.

It’s the hope that kills you sometimes, and the optimism from our fans going into the game was there in abundance but such a dire performance saw that hope turn to despair and seem so much of a bigger fall. When we needed a big performance, we served up giant helping of shite (Ben, Alf and Craig aside). Take a look around, Barnsley beating promotion hopefuls, Birmingham at least taking the lead at QPR and even Sunderland who are already relegated still managing to take the lead away from home. The table doesn’t lie and we deserve to be where we are. Forget the football, as a club I couldn’t argue with us being at number 23 in the shit parade out of all the other clubs in the division.

2. In fighting is one big embarrassment

When things go tits up, people naturally look for someone to blame. Fair enough, I get that. And don’t get me wrong, I am as passionate about my football club as any other Wanderers fan. I do not want to see the team I love put in a shambolic performance like that. It’s immensely frustrating when the people entrusted with taking this club forward do not show the same commitment. But in my opinion there is a right way and a wrong way to behave. On Saturday some behaved in the wrong way and in my view it’s inexcusable and hope we never see it again. If nothing else it gives the opposition a boost to see how we’re falling apart. Enough said on that.

3. We need a bit of honesty

We never get the whole picture of what is going on behind the scenes. Yet again Parky comes out to take the blame for such a poor performance and fair enough he sets the team up and out trot the players to put it into action and over the last few weeks, the manager has said the players need to give more. Worryingly, that group of players are capable of a lot more. Since Ken’s rant and ‘chat’ with the players, our performances have gone from bad to worse, culminating in that dross yesterday. I saw it when Sunderland came to our place, I looked at their team sheet and wondered how they could be where they are in the table. It soon became clear, their heart wasn’t in it, they were going through the motions. In life, if you treat people like shit (sorry there are a lot of ‘shits’ in this article) and show them no respect they’ll be inclined to say stick it up your arse I’ll go somewhere else. I think our players are somewhere else. Probably talking to sort out where they will be putting in better performances next year. I’m sick of seeing the hollow comments saying we have the experience to get us out of this, as that experience counts for diddly squat if you haven’t got the heart

4. Me owner, you manager

The owner needs to understand, when fans are pissed off, do not add fuel to the fire and spout nonsense that makes you look a little silly. Ken the businessman is someone I want on my side of the table. You know like negotiating the best deals and contracts, making business decisions and choosing the executives he wants in place to make the club a success. Stuff like that, I’m cool with that. Go Ken! But do not come out slagging off the way the manager (that you appointed) set the team up and that you have now spoke to him and agreed that we will set up differently for our next game. Firstly, if you are now making decisions for the manager, it shows you have no faith he can do the job you gave him so you’re highlighting your own lack of football due diligence and secondly, he knows you have no faith in him so I’m guessing he’s not inclined to roll his sleeves up.. It goes back to respect. It’s a mess already so don’t make it worse. If he’s not the man, make a change, if you think he still is, let him do his job and you do yours, starting with ticket pricing then moving on to business strategy and direction.

5. We’re not actually relegated yet

It’s no longer in our hands, we need snookers and other teams to do us a few favours. I can see the other teams actually doing us those favours but the problem is I cannot see us helping ourselves. In any other circumstance, Forest, who have jack all to play for, should be a winnable game, but knowing what has gone on before and the shambles we find ourselves in, a win seems a very, very big ask. It’s more than disheartening to see the club we love in this position, but for some reason I can’t keep away, I have my over 40’s health check tomorrow so see what they say and what medication the nice doctor prescribes. Oh to be a Wanderer.