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Vote for LOVS in the Football Blogging Awards!

Nominate us for an FBA award!

Hello there dearest reader, I’ve got a favour I’d really like to ask of you: would you be ever so kind to vote for us in the Football Blogging Awards?

Everyone here at Lion of Vienna Suite puts an untold amount of effort and pride into bring you a constant stream of the best Bolton Wanderers content available anywhere, be it match coverage, podcasts, satire, serious analysis and much more, to you all with out asking for anything in return.

We all do it because we love football, we love Bolton Wanderers and we love sharing all our thoughts with you.

It’s been great to be nominated for ‘Best Football Club Blog’ twice previously, and it would be great if we were nominated again.

Now we’re asking if you could do this one small thing for us, because we want to win an award because that’d be ace, wouldn’t it?

The category we’re hoping to be nominated for this year is: Best Football Club Content Creator.

All you need to do to vote is follow these links:



Apart from that, could you please share this article or the above links on: Twitter, Facebook, with your parents, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, children, uncles, pets, strangers absolutely anyone, we’d really love to win!

From everyone at LOVS,

Cheers x