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Opinion: Come home, Sam

A boy can dream...all in good time though.

Bolton Wanderers v Crystal Palace - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Sam Allardyce left his managerial position at Everton and as you can imagine, the rumour mill sparked into life, full of false hope and desperation in distant acceptance that this won’t happen. In a fantasy world though, could it, should it and/or would it?

In short, no, but I really wish it would, eventually, as I’m sure the majority of you will agree, but would I take him now? I’m not all that sure...

You see, Phil Parkinson is someone who is in the best current position to manage our football club next season and beyond, should he? yes! Could he? Of course! Would he? I’m sure of it, and to be honest, I’m happy, I’m content and as much of you may disagree with me, I still think he’s the right man from the job.

However, you ask me this in five or ten years time and I’ll always say Sam Allardyce is the right man. Why? because he knows how to manage this football club. He knows the reality of our situation both on and off the pitch, he knows what the long term outcome will be and what it could be, he can save us if he wanted to and he full well knows it.

Nobody knows this football club better than Sam Allardyce, past, present and future, there is no-one better to take this forward than Sam and there never will be anyone to challenge that. Granted, Parky has done an incredible job and still retains the right to be manager and be given another opportunity to show what he can do to help get this club back to where it belongs.

The reality of the situation though is that, long-term, in our current position, no-one can save us, not Parky, not even Sam and here’s why, even if I may seem to be contradicting myself a little, hear me out.

Short term, with what we’ve got, in the league we’re in, with the players we’ve got, realistically speaking, Phil Parkinson is the man for the job. Sam Allardyce will not come back under our current condition given the endless financial limitations he would face. This club is currently unable to reach Premier League standard, not because it doesn't want to, but because fundamentally, it can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, the infrastructure is brilliant, as is the academy, as it the first team set up, but under current ownership with no ambition other than to stop us from going bust and to keep us in this division, until something drastically changes upstairs, the management should not and will not change.

There is no point. Sacking Parky to bring Sam in wouldn’t work because he’d simply refuse. If somehow we found the resources to tide him over for a short term period, the temptation may be there, but because Sam cares about the club, he wouldnt lure us into such false hope and wouldn’t see us go to waste knowing his limitations. Even if the money was there for him personally, I still refuse to believe that Sam would do that to us.

You may think this is all negative but it isn't, its just the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

Fear not though, there is light at the end of the tunnel...

Given that we retained our Championship status, it is common sense to us all that the attraction of buying a Championship club is far greater than that of buying a League One club.

Providing that this happens, providing that enough money is pumped into the club, not only to tide us over, but for us to be competitive, we are then looking at circumstances under which a change in leadership would be considered and logical for both parties and once this becomes a genuine possibility, a certain someone may become interested.

This is in no way a dig towards Parkinson but the reality of new owners wanting a management change is fairly significant and providing that it is the right thing for the club at that given time and suits the new financial criteria, for me, you could only ever turn to Sam.

Our future lies with Sam and I keep saying this I know, but I do genuinely refuse to believe any different. Of course, this will take time and patience, something which we seem to lack a lot of.

As frustrating as it may be though, allow things to unfold and see where we stand in a few years time and then we can re-evaluate whether this could become more of a genuine possibility and if so, then I will allow for your petty desperation and soppy pleads because quite frankly, I’ll be doing the same.

So if you're reading Sam, watch this space, because under new ownership, there’s a manager’s job here with your name on it.

Come on Sam, come home. You know you want to...