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Opinion: Could Chungy come back to Bolton Wanderers?

Is a home-coming back on the cards for a fans favourite?

Birmingham City v Bolton Wanderers - FA Cup 6th Round Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

On Friday, Crystal Palace announced that they would be releasing three of their first team squad members, among them was ex-Wanderer Chung-Yong Lee.

After a deal fell through on deadline day in January to bring him home, it is inevitable that Lee, now a free agent, will draw considerable interest from Bolton Wanderers.

It is yet to be confirmed whether or not Wanderers have taken action and made a move for the South Korean midfielder meaning a move back to Wanderers isn’t a certainty, however, it is most definitely within the realms of possibility.

Having recently released four midfielders ourselves and just recently, seem to have been quite active in the transfer market and obviously in the hunt for replacements, you would've thought that Chungy would be a fairly sizeable target.

Despite strikers being an evident priority in our transfer business this summer, improving the squad across all positions is equally as important as squad depth is something which has often been an issue for us, but at the other end of the scale.

The midfield in particular was an issue in terms of overcrowding and has been the case for the last few seasons. However, now severely lacking numbers in the middle of the park, the addition of a familiar face in the form of Chungy would no doubt be warmly welcomed by Wanderers fans.

Unfortunately, a potential spanner in the works has arisen since my first draft of this article which has come courteous of Marc Iles over at the BEN, who states that wages could be ‘a big issue’ and it’d therefore be a case of whether either party would be willing to compromise accordingly to get it over the line.

Of course, should it happen, the move will no doubt be simply deemed emotionally-satisfying one by some, given the sentimental value of the relationship which we have with Lee.

This opinion would inevitably be withheld by a minority who’d refuse to believe that his return would be of any relevance nor a required addition and/or question if he’d be a Parky signing, donning their rose-tinted spectacles. Any excuse to reminisce over that Birmingham goal though right?

However, there’s several other potential moves on the cards which to me, are far more prominently fan-satisfying, i.e a Madine loan return.

As far as I’m concerned though, I don't believe for one second that if this was to happen, it'd be purely to stick a smile on everyone’s faces for a bit, because there’s more to Chungy than that.

The quality and ability that he attains in the possession of a football and his effortless style of play is something which we've missed considerably over the last few years and, as the Championship gets faster and as the ball is much more often played along the floor, having someone who can put their foot on the ball and instantly change both a game and the way which we play would be an invaluable asset.

What I’m effectively trying to say is that there’s a reason why we all love him, and it’s not just for that goal at Birmingham and deep down, everyone full well knows that. Let’s just hope Parkinson has faith in him to bring something different to the team and allow Lee to show him what he had and has to offer us.

Fingers crossed that we’ll pull this off, he’d suit that new kit you know, number 27’s free too...

Let us know what you think as to whether this’ll happen and whether or not you’d like to see Chungy come back this summer either way in the comments below.