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Bonus Agreement Reached: What Happens Next?

Can progress be made on the pitch, as well as off it?

A general view of the Reebok Stadium

So, after much back-and-forth, Bolton Wanderers have announced that the row over unpaid player bonuses has been resolved.

We found out earlier that Ken Anderson, for whatever reason, sent his no.2, Paul Aldridge, in his place to the meeting where it appears an agreement to overcome the rift between playing staff and club was reached.

But, what happens next?

I noticed earlier today that Wanderers had handed trials to ex-Middlesbrough man Gary O’Neil and ex-Birmingham City midfielder David Cotterill - you may remember the latter from a tweet sent by Lee Anderson a couple of weeks ago denying our interest. I would normally be quite happy for Wanderers to add much-needed experience to our ranks but, having just binned off Darren Pratley and Karl Henry it seems odd that we are looking at inferior players as replacement.

Phil Parkinson must be even more glum than usual, with the start of the season being just a few short weeks away and the squad being a good half-dozen quality players away from giving us a fighting chance to survive in the Championship. We are swimming with some very wealthy sharks (and Wigan Athletic) this season and it is imperative that Ken gives Parky the very best tools to work with.

Will Charlie Wyke be one of those tools?

I have to think that the prospect of a bidding war makes it very unlikely, with our interest being more along the opportunistic path of waiting until the last minute and getting him for as low a price as possible.

Our financial woes are as well worn as any tale I can remember, but despite this it surely undoes all the fine, fine work that the team did at the tail end of last season when survival was grabbed from the jaws of supersonic failure.

Ken’s continued search for investment has to bear fruit soon if we are to stand even the finest chance of retaining our Championship status for a third successive season.

No more spats, no more ill-judged tweets, just results, and quickly.