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Eight Days to Go : Eight Things To Sort for Bolton Wanderers

Don’t panic!

Sasa Curcic and Per Frandsen

Eight days. It’s not a lot really is it?

We know that Bolton Wanderers has, and perhaps always will be, an absolute basket case. Where other clubs do things seemingly with great ease, instead of taking this approach we will always try and struggle through quicksand carrying a fridge on our backs - much like watching Liam Trotter play football.

So, as Muse said in their hit song ‘Time is Running Out’, time is running out. Let’s look at what is still to be resolved:

Sub Keeper

Ben Alnwick seems to have the opening slot locked in, but Wanderers are still to pick up experienced cover. We thought that man was Sam Walker but seemingly he’s moved on to Reading instead. Different cheeks of the same arse. So who could be the man? Jake Turner has been loaned out again, and James Aspinall is raw and untested. Boaz Myhill, ex-West Brom, seemed likely but has been poo-pooed by the powers that be. Obviously sub keeper isn’t a particularly important role but you don’t want to be worrying about it.

Attacking Options

We don’t really have many options do we? Gawd bless ALF, he’ll do his best, but even someone as hard-working as yer man can’t do it alone.

Connor Hall’s raw potential is an unknown quantity, and I think the most polite compliment I’ve seen anyone give to Clayton Donaldson is that they’ll give him a chance. It’s very concerning.

Left Back

I don’t know about you, but the prospect of Andrew Taylor starting as our main left-back gives me the heebie-jeebies. As honest as he is and as good as he was in League One, I think last season’s Championship season showed us all that his lack of pace is a constant worry.

Being the type of fan that we are, obviously we cannot think of any new names so we’ll all go back to Antonee Robinson and hope that he can find the consistency that was missing from his game last season.

Centre Back

David Wheater and Mark Beevers are first choice again. Another pair who excelled in League One but who were exposed ruthlessly by Championship forwards last season. Despite this, Phil Parkinson has chosen not to upgrade - nor to especially reinforce - and so we are again left hoping that one or both can remind fit going into the new season.

The Midfield

With no Karl Henry (for now) and Darren Pratley to choose from, Wanderers engine room is looking as light as the other positions.

Jason Lowe has been brought in - with similar expectations to Donaldson - and can expect to be first choice for the early part of the season at least. It doesn’t really need to be said that we need reinforcements.

Stadium Name

Yeah so we are starting to get into the sort of area where these things are to be resolved but they’re not that important really. BetFred Stadium, AO Arena - it doesn’t really matter - but it’s one less thing for chairman Ken Anderson to be getting involved with.

Kenneth Anderson Himself

Big KA is a divisive figure - it seems that those who love him love him with a fierce devotion, whilst those who do not do so with an equally strong fervour. It seems that those of us who occupy the middle ground are in the minority. Having met the guy and spoken all things Wanderers with him I can only confirm that I would rather he was on our side fighting our battles than on the outside fighting against us.

That said, there are lots - and I mean lots - of areas of concern that we need resolving. As he tells us in his blogs on the official website, you all asked for transparency - well you’ve got it. I hope you’re happy with yourselves.


Running on from the above, we have heard this week about Ken’s ongoing search for investment which has, to date, drawn a blank. That in itself is concerning as we have often been reminded that Ken’s forte is to move within those circles. If someone as au fait with that world, surely he should have sorted it out by now?

Obviously he cannot be held responsible for people coming to us with dodgy Photoshopped bank statements, but I would be lying if I said that I expected him to still be in charge now going back to when he took over. I doubt he would have, too. Either way, let’s hope this situation can be resolved and some much-needed transfer money can be diverted to PP. We need it now more than ever.