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This is What Supporting a Shit Team is All About

This is my club

West Bromwich Albion v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Good grief.

Bolton Wanderers beat West Bromwich Albion today by two goals to one. This wasn’t meant to happen. In the bookies eyes we were the least likely away win. 8/1. Unbelievable.

Yet, despite that, Wanderers won.

It leaves me to wonder about the whole point of following football. If you support Manchester City do you experience the same sort of high that all Bolton fans did in the 89th minute today? Granted, I’m sure over the course of a season you have an absolute cavalcade of joy.

But, surely, where joy is the most scarce you’ll find those who truly believe.

We are, ultimately, devotees of perennial failures. We are those who find comfort and comradeship in the most bleak of places. We are those who find the path most often trod to be anathema.

Bolton Wanderers is our drug. It’s addictive, it’s pointless and ultimately it’ll lead to our ruin, but fuck me is it brilliant all the same.

I love you, Bolton Wanderers.