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Deadline Day: What can we expect?

The odd signing with a smattering of helicopters, emojis, fake news and several coffees

West Bromwich Albion v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again where the most frantic and bizarre headlines are written about the most unlikely turns in events whilst up and down the country, managers, players and fans are all equally as confused, yet excited by what is going on and what could happen next. It is of course, transfer deadline day.

I won’t start by stating the obvious and now, unfortunately, the most overused joke of all time that it should be a bank holiday and I’ll also gloss over the keeper situation in the Premier fact you know what, scrap everything to do with the Premier League because quite frankly, who cares?

Unless it involves Harry Redknapp turning up somewhere in a Range Rover for the sh*ts and giggles whilst Peter Odemwingie’s parked up at a training ground somewhere, as long as its not ours!

Instead, today is all about the football league and more specifically for us, Bolton Wanderers. Yes it may be the deadline day for every English league but we’re not interested in what those lot are doing except for if its relevant to us but still, before I lose my train of thought, Bolton Wanderers.

What can we expect from our beloved Trotters on this most fateful, which isn't actually so fateful, of days.

08:00: It of course begins with a coffee and a quick flick through Twitter before logging on to both our own blog and Marc Iles’ over at the Bolton News for the earliest of speculation.

As we all know, we’re still short of a keeper, a left back, potentially a midfielder, and are linked with one, possibly two new front men so you can expect this to be the first port of call for the blogs.

So far, we’ve been linked with the likes of Ipswich’s Joe Garner and Birmingham pair Jonathan Grounds and David Stockdale. You have to think each of these additions are realistic, improvements and are real possibilities at such a late stage, particularly with Birmingham in the situation that they are.

Keep an eye on each of these. No doubt someone will claim they've seen them in Subway with Rivaldo.

On a serious note, let’s hope we prioritise the necessary areas of recruitment.

10:00 Another cofee. You can expect to see the first deals being processed and completed for those which are definite goers. We ourselves don't know for sure who they'll be and neither will anyone but the club so these will be the announcements to anticipate as the day goes on. Expect emoji’s.

12:00 Coffee? Go on then. Midday is usually when the rumours start trickling in but with the window closing at 5 from now on, you can expect them to be coming in thick and fast as this point with perhaps another one nearly, if not already over the line.

Steady on though, a few will no doubt be being saved for the most dramatic of signature completions with about 0.0004 seconds to go until the window slams shut.

14:00 Three hours to go, perhaps a tea to switch it up this time. With deals flooding through elsewhere, particularly those caught up in a positional transfer merry go round, queuing up at each training ground door, could potentially give us a green light somewhere along the line.

This will hopefully get the third and potentially, but never definitely, the final deal of the day in motion.

The fake journo accounts will be out in force on Twitter by this time too, beware of those.

16:00 An hour to go, the coffee machine’s run out at work and all the chocolate biscuits have been nicked by Dave.

Now this is when things start getting interesting, flight paths are being tracked, the binoculars are out, all eyes are on the medical centre doors and the annual link with an ex-player will have no doubt started doing the rounds.

Most clubs will be thinking about shutting up shop in the hope of not losing anyone else with the inevitable surprise signing entering the mix.

However, rest assured, you can bank on us being the ones still trying to get some business done at 16:59.

17:00 THE TRANSFER WINDOW IS CLOSED! (Sort of) Things will never be the same as the days of the window shutting at eleven but you can expect to see the odd post floating about as it does each year, replicating that of the famous David Gold tweet a few years back implying it’s not over till the fat lady sings!

Whether anything materialises from this or not is a different matter.

17:30 The last of the announcement videos will be published and without tempting fate, there’ll be a nervous sense of hope that no unexpected departures are due as they've come back to bite us after the clock’s chimed many times before.

Once we can certain that everywhere is closed for business, we’ll all either be left thrilled or disappointed by our deadline day business, in which case, fear not, Wanderers fans! The loan (and free agent) window is open until the end of the month.

Let’s hope its a memorable day and not one to forget, eh guys? Remember to take things with a pinch of salt (including this!) Laugh off the majority and enjoy the minority of good news you can expect to come our way at some point over the course of the day!

You’ll find all the genuine news on the usual reliable platforms including our own, just beware of fuds!

Happy Transfer Deadline Day everyone!