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Bolton Wanderers Back in Financial Dire Straits: Here We Go Again

Hello darkness, my old friend

Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Well the news we all hoped to be false has broken.

Our friend Marc Iles has tonight written what has been speculated on by Bolton Wanderers fans for a couple of weeks. BluMarble, the sword of Damacles hanging over our famous club, is swinging at a rapid pace.

Has Ken tried his luck once too often?

Who is to blame?

Will we get out of this (latest) mess?

We’ll find out in the morning. It is believed that the final deadline for repayment is 10am tomorrow. That’s approximately 12hrs to go - which is a nice coincidence as a failure to do so will result in BluMarble appointing administrators which will land PP’s men with a lovely 12 point penalty.

One wonders what this means for our loan players. One also wonders what this means for the Christian Doidge deal. I can’t imagine FGR being that happy to take Ken’s note (which, I am informed, reads “I’ll defo pay u half a mill in three months, no sweat m8, monster monster”) in good faith now.

The plot, my friends, is incredibly thick. Let’s see what the morning brings. Wouldn’t it be just like Ken Anderson to find a solution at the 11th hour.