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Opinion: Let’s Fill the Stadium. For Eddie. For Parky. For Bolton Wanderers

Has to be done

John McGinlay

A while ago there was a social media campaign that went by the hashtag #filltheMacron.

I’m not going to promote a similar message this time, only because I still call it the Reebok, because I don’t like change. Some people call it the UniBol. The BolStad (I made that one up).

One thing that we can all agree on, however, is that this has been on the most tumultuous weeks in the history of this famous club. Supporting Bolton Wanderers has never been dull, and the effects of the last 48h are still being felt.

Nearly going into administration and suffering a 12-point penalty on its own would have been bad enough, but when coupled with news of former owner Eddie Davies’ passing it has meant the week has been nothing short of historic.

That’s why we, the fans, need to back the boys and get our collective arses down to the ground on Saturday.

As a manager, Phil Parkinson has shown that he can be more than any of us ever expected. To earn promotion, to save us from relegation - all with one hand tied behind his back. This deserves our eternal thanks. So show it by buying a ticket.

The lads have come up with one of the best starts to a league season that we have seen in ages. They’ve defied the odds and beaten some excellent teams playing some very good football along the way. They deserve our appreciation too. So show it by buying a ticket.

Eddie Davies was the man who helped us all live our dreams by living out his. His investment in the squad back in the Sam Allardyce years gave us some of the greatest players in European and world football. We regularly faced and defeated some of the best teams in the land whilst also fighting in Europe and more than holding our own. Eddie was there for the club when the club needed Eddie and he gave us back so much more than we could ever have expected. Eddie and his family deserve our eternal gratitude. So show it by buying a ticket.

We all know that when the ground - whatever you call it - is full then the atmosphere is second to none. There has been so much more going on in the background this week that we all need a release, so let’s use the football.

Let’s fill the stadium.