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So I’ve Rated Every Phil Parkinson Signing Since His Arrival at Bolton Wanderers - Part Two (2017-18)

Here we go again

Bolton Wanderers v Bristol City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Yesterday saw me rate every player signed by Phil Parkinson (in the loosest sense of the word).

Here is Part Two. The 2017-18 season:

Will Buckley - July 2017

Waif-like winger. Remains at the club to this day but, to my recollection, is yet to really put in the sort of performance that makes you sit up and take notice. Jury is out. 2/5

Mark Little - July 2017

Marauding right back who was first choice for most of the season, until the Flanagan deal made that contractually impossible. Still at the club though with the emergence of Pawel Olkowski will likely find it hard to break back into the side. Seems like a nice guy. 2/5

Stephen Darby - July 2017

Gulp. Arrived to almost no fanfare and backed this up with some decidedly dodgy performances. I can’t even remember when he last played but has been described as being ‘a good pro to have around’ which is really nice and that but he needs chucking. 0/5

Aaron Wilbraham - August 2017

Incredibly abysmal for most of his time at the club, until that goal. Will be remembered forever. 5/5

Craig Noone - August 2017

Nippy winger signed from Cardiff City. Took a while to get going (indeed you could be forgiven for thinking that he hasn’t even done that yet) but has more potential in his left arse cheek than most of our squad do in their entire body. 3/5

Karl Henry - September 2017

Signed to be a dickhead, and didn’t let anyone down at all. Combative and clever, he was a great signing just at the right time for a struggling midfield. 4/5

Jan Kirchhoff - February 2018

Classy ex-Sunderland and ex-Bayern Munich midfielder signed to bolster the centre of the park. Shame he was made out of crisps. 1/5

Chinedu Obasi - March 2018

Truly inspirational signing. 0/5

The Loans

Adam Armstrong - July 2017

Arrived from Newcastle United with a decent pedigree but failed during his time at Wanderers on account of him not being Gary Madine. Ended up thriving back in League One with Blackburn Rovers which perhaps says it all. 2/5

Josh Cullen - August 2017

Another who didn’t really stamp his mark on the club. Was a bit lightweight in the middle and found himself overrun for the most part. Just didn’t have the experience that we needed at the time. 2/5

Reece Burke - August 2017

Supposedly a classy defender capable of playing in midfield, but he never really made either his own whilst at the club. Left West Ham this summer and joined Hull for some decent money, which was surprising. 2/5

Antonee Robinson - August 2017

Some loved him, some didn’t. I’m in the middle. Had great pace getting up the left flank but not much else. Still, would’ve thought he’d rather come back to us than mess about with those hillbilly you-know-whats in Wigan but there you go. 3/5

Harry Charsley - January 2018

Signed as part of the Robinson extension, he made one appearance in the first team and then disappeared forever. 1/5

Tyler Walker - January 2018

Son of Des. That’s about all I remember. 1/5

Jon Flanagan - January 2018

Strewth. Unpleasantness of character aside, his loan from Liverpool was pretty disastrous and nobody shed a tear when he left. 1/5

Zach Clough - January 2018

I was so happy. It was all lined up to be a huge success but alas it wasn’t to be. The wrong time for him perhaps. 2/5


Another mixed bag but again, the plan worked so who cares.

Let me know what you think. You know what to do.