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Bolton legend to join pre-match protests

Strength in numbers and personalties

John McGinlay

It has this evening been confirmed that Bolton Wanderers legend John McGinlay will be joining fans at the organised pre-match protest ahead of our fixture with West Bromwich Albion.

After seeing the reaction to our joint statement this morning, we have decided against endorsing & encouraging a mass walkout in the 58th minute of the game. Rendezvousing at 7pm, As initially planned, we encourage you to get down to Sir Nat’s statue. That is the meeting point. At 7.15pm there will be a peaceful (but hopefully noisy) lap of the outside of the ground for all taking part, congregating eventually outside the front doors of the stadium where the singing and chanting will continue, express any reasonable, desired and discontented feelings and emotions.

However you want to show your support/frustration/discontent inside the ground during the game is entirely down to you.

Bring flags. Bring banners. We believe Ken is not going to be there but we want to make such a noise regardless to allow ourselves to be heard. Get your extra free tickets. Give them to a friend. Bring them with you on the night and hand them to a stranger. We need bodies in the ground.

As if in a bid to spoil these heartfelt demonstrations, (which he hasn't) chairman Ken Anderson has this evening emailed season ticket holders in a last ditch attempt to retain some, if any moral high ground over his opposers should it not have already been read and expressed clearly enough in his notes which unsurprisingly, hasn't received the best of receptions and we’re therefore hoping that those of you joining us will provide your say along the way.

We hope that these pre-match arrangements will bring us together as a fanbase and collectively show both Ken and the nation that we mean business and will not cease till our club is returned to its rightful owners, ourselves, the fans.

I trust many of you will be encouraged by Super John’s presence and will boost the agenda and legitimacy of this protest further with the help of a more than recognised personality in the mix. The more we can get behind this, the more of a point we can prove and the bigger the message we can get across and avoid this being anything other than what this football club deserves.

Whoever’s name is above the door

Whoever holds the key

They'll never own our football club

It belongs to you and me.