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Bolton Wanderers’ Supporters Trust Positioning Themselves Ready for Ownership Bid?

Moves are afoot

A general view of the Reebok Stadium

After taking a watching brief over the past few months, it appears that Bolton Wanderers’ Supporters Trust is ramping up their efforts to be ready in the event that the troubles surrounding the club take an even worse turn.

Despite being in the shadows for much of their existence, you may recall that one of the founding reasons behind the Trust coming to life was to be there should the club need them. Depending on which source you trust and, sometimes, which website you read - that time might well arrive sooner than we all think.

It is, perhaps with this in mind, that it has come to light that the Supporters Trust have set up a shell company.

The Bolton Wanderers Supporters Interest Company (Company number 11612819), has a registered office at Allanson’s Solicitors in town and was incorporated just this past October. You can find more information here - (in case you aren’t a member or are unaware, Roger Allanson is a member of the Trust, as per this link).

Does this suggest that the Trust are not, at this stage, looking to bring in outside investors to help the club but, put plainly, to pick at the bones at whatever may be left behind?

This excerpt from their filing history seems to think so. No mention of investors here:

Now, with the Trust still being poorly thought of by some, and with their credentials to run a football club being somewhat lacking too, I wonder whether this romantic notion of fan ownership is ultimately realistic. Surely Wanderers need some sort of benevolent, friendly, scandal-free ultra-billionaire, rather than some well-meaning supporters with potentially dubious motives.

I think that most supporters are now in agreement that we would all like to see the end of the Anderson era. That said, I think it’s vital that we do so sensibly.

I’d hate to think that the club would jump from someone like Ken to....well.....someone similar. If we are to have the positive change that we all want then it has to be right for the club.

To say ‘anyone but Anderson’ at this point would be misguided, in my humble opinion.