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Opinion: An apology letter addressed to Phil Parkinson

Parky in the middle

Bristol City v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

As you will have noticed amongst our issued statements regarding the protests prior to the West Brom game, the bad news which has been trickling through over the last few weeks has been profusely followed by apologies from ourselves issued towards those victimised in all this and this article is no different, except I can't help but believe that this one deserves a letter of itself.

Phil Parkinson has been self-issued the unthinkable job of peacekeeper along side his other duties which given that absolutely no blame can be lumped upon him for what’s been going on recently, I can only imagine must be the hardest job in the world right now.

Not only that, but keeping his squad and staff onside throughout all this and ensuring that they each keep low profiles and focus on the upcoming games which again, I imagine must be extremely difficult.

You also can't help but think that Ken’s most recent notes will spark further incentive and draw the attention of the wider audience who weren't already aware of the protests after they were strongly discouraged which I would've thought will be completely ignored and will only make the stand stronger.

Not only will Phil have this battle on his hands to remain positive and keep the players focused on the task in hand but he's also having players who played a crucial part in his plans, dragged away from him with no say of his own and will soon be forced to field youngsters.

Whether or not this is necessarily a bad thing, time will tell but players like Christian Doidge and Gary O’Neil in particular have been painfully and unavoidably removed from his selection options despite playing key roles in helping form a consistently improving Wanderers side.

The disruption which is therefore seemingly overflowing on to on the field matters I can't help but think will only be making matters worse and whilst Ken insists that the protests “benefit anyone” and therefore isn't a “good idea” because it'll only draw “negative publicity to the club”, you have to think its a bit late for that through nobody else’s fault than his own.

For Phil to have pulled off successive miracles, subsequently promised funding and support only to be provided with more problems just isn't fair and I can comfortably say that no-one would've blamed him for walking by now but my god, are we glad he hasn't.

Whilst interest has previously emerged from the likes of his former club Reading, you have to think that such a job could only look highly attractive, as would any in comparison to his current one but his determination to stick with it, ignore and shrug off the world burning to a crisp around him, its really bloody commendable and I’m sorry that we ever doubted Phil when you realise to what extent he's had his hands tied all this time and still does.

Whilst he too has fallen victim to payment issues and his job I presume wrongly still hangs in the balance, its only right that in a time of need, when the game is resumed following what is going to be a very early dynamic protest, make sure we give Phil and the boys the backing they deserve because this isn't their fault, they deserve better and they deserve our every last inch of support, especially in an effort to keep our survival hopes alive.

I therefore again will finish with a conclusive apology addressed to Phil, his backroom staff and the players really because this isn't fair and we hope you can trust us to help put this right for both you and us.

We’re sorry Phil.

Yours sincerely, every BWFC fan.

This club won’t die, we won’t let it.

Be sure to be loud and proud for Phil and the boys.

It’s what they deserve.

Whoever’s name is above the door

Whoever holds the key

They’ll never own our football club

It belongs to you and me.