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‘The Time Has Come’ - McGinlay’s Plea to Bolton Supporters

You heard the man!

John McGinlay of Bolton celebrates scoring

John McGinlay has issued a rallying cry to Bolton Wanderers supporters, as they prepare to partake in an organised protest against club owner and chairman Ken Anderson.

Prior to Monday’s televised fixture at home to West Bromwich Albion, Wanderers fans are invited to congregate at the Nat Lofthouse memorial statue outside the University of Bolton Stadium from 7pm.

At 7:15, boosted by the presence of the legendary McGinlay and in front of the onlooking Sky Sports television cameras, supporters will complete a lap of the ground before gathering outside the main entrance area, where demonstrations in the form of noise and voices of discontent will continue.

Speaking at a fans’ forum at the Victoria Hall, Bolton Town Centre, on Wednesday night, McGinlay urged followers of the club to make their voices heard before getting behind their team once the on-field action has commenced, stating the following.

“The time has come where we, as supporters, need to have our voices heard,” McGinlay told BBC Radio Manchester.

“I think it’s obvious to everybody that Mr Anderson doesn’t like criticism. (We need) supporters turning up in good voice on Monday night, criticising the way he’s running the club and showing their unhappiness at the way things have gone under his leadership.”

“It’s come to the stage where he’s got to realise and know how much this football club means to us”.

“Mr Anderson will take notice. He doesn’t like criticism. He reads everything that’s written on social media that’s concerning him”.

“I think we have to show a voice, get our feelings across within reason - nothing silly - but he’s got to know”.

“The man doesn’t live in this town. The man comes in, goes to the game, and goes home. He’s never been in the town, never sees anybody and doesn’t know what goes on in this town. He hasn’t got an interest in the town”.

“As soon as this man sells this football club, at whatever point it is, we’ll never see or hear of that man again.”

Encouragement of this kind via Super John will only strengthen our cause and will hopefully bring both more numbers and on a wider scale, more attention to the issues which we intend on raising and will continue to do so until the club is guaranteed a secure future.

Let’s keep up the momentum and bring the noise on Monday.

As SJM says “Let’s build this club back up again!”

We’ll do it ourselves if we have to and we’ll show we’re capable of doing so.

This club will not die, we won’t let it.

Whoever’s name is above the door

Whoever holds the key

They’ll never own our football club

It belongs to you and me.